Monday, November 19, 2007

on our way !!

we are on our way further south!! Steve fixed our head and wired up the outside console!! Yes Ronald, we have a light above the barbeque working!! It's excellent. have nav lights hook up outside also, along with the windless and a bunch of others. Steve has been working hard!! There is less and less on the deck also. We sold off the last of our extra sailing hardware, Yeh!! less on the boat. Have met some great fellow cruisers here and will be seeing them again !! We did a little cheese cake and sing song for Maya's birthday today. Homemade cheese cake by me and yes barbeque works great for baking cupcakes. just have to turn them around every so often.

trivia #5 answer is; Maya was born at 12:01am NOv 19 Remember Heather - I almost had her in the car!!!

(Emma May 10 at 11:00 pm)

Until our next port.............


Anonymous said...

Maya...How can you look so much older in one day??? You're getting to be quite the young lady! Hope your day was what you were expecting (how could it not...with cheesecake!).

So here's a question???
Who took that wonderful photo of that stunning vessel??? and where were you?

Love Always,
Mom (in-law) & G Ma


I did ( Dionne) and it's in Richardson Bay Sausilito - this is where we've been anchored the whole time in Sausilito

Judy Contois said...

I have only met you once, Maya....sorry I missed logging on yesterday to wish you happy birthday. Hope it was fun for you!
Sarah & Shannon's old friend,

dino said...

hI STEVE AND DIONNE been long time
have a great trip ,see you soon . dino

Lidia said...

Happy late birthday Maya!

Lidia and Belle and Tamara

Anonymous said...

Hello my travelling family!!

Well...having a few computer problems again so if you don't get a post on here for awhile that is my reason...I think all your other family and friends may have put a hex on my computer so I can't answer the trivia questions!! lol *wink* j/k Anyway..thanks for the postcards...getting my fridge filled up...keep them coming. I am heading to Las Vegas at the end of January for a business trip...looking forward to that. Anyway, love and miss you all so very much! Smooth Sailing!
Love, Auntie/Sister Dana xoxoxox

Auntie Sharon said...

Hi Tremblay crew.
This is Auntie Sandy, I'm at Auntie Sharon's. She now has your blogspot in her favourites so that she can follow your adventures also. We love and miss you all sooooo much.

Anonymous said...

Hi special family!

Glad to hear that things are coming along nicely. We enjoy the blogs and keep giving the address out to friends so that they are also kept up to date. Keep safe and happy sailing.

Love the Varty family

brett said...

Happy Birthday Maya!
I am enjoying hearing about all of your adventures!
How does it feel to have a sunny, warm winter birthday? I also wanted to say that I think you are a great creative writer! Keep it up!
from: brett

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'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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