Friday, October 26, 2007


Well we are sitting here on the hook in Sausilito. great place!! have already hooked up with the co-op marina here.They have all kinds of funky house boats and boats with house tops on them. Met a very nice couple (Vern & Cina)who invited us in for dinner. Steve helped cut a piece of wood for him. Nice people here!! Annette has our children until Sunday. I'm sure they are having a blast. We are doing boat projects - Steve wants to get the watermaker working.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Golden Gate Bridge - we made it!!!

Had a great sail out of Cresent City. sunny and windy - sailed the boat at 7.5-8 knots and had sea swells of 15ft. The seas calmed down around Cape Mendencino (usually they are more and windier there) had dolphins playing in our bow wake!! two different kinds of dolphin pods for about 3\4 of hour, this was on mine and Maya's watch right a sunrise. Kyle and I heard a whale but only saw his blow but he sure came up big on the radar!! It was dark out at the time. We motored on nearly flat ocean all day and night Monday until Drakes Bay where the wind came up about 15-20knots. We came under the golden Gate Bridge at sunrise this morning. Wow. we are now in Sausilito, anchored out. Steve's sister Annette and her boys will come out tomorrow and see us. have met up with Ian and Wendy of Earthlink ( they are from Bluewater Cruising Ass.) Enjoy the pictures of the Orca III going under the bridge.

Friday, October 19, 2007

More Redwood Forest

the redwoods were so great i thought i'd put somemore pictures on!! the weather has imporved a great deal and the sun is even trying to shine! we sure love to read all of your comments! thanks. Have been hanging out with our new buds everyday - today i did a pancake breakfast for them all. one of the guys is a kiwi (24yr) Kyle has really clicked with him - the sailboat we are buddy boating down with have a great bunch of crew!! here's a photo of them. Although i miss you all sure am having a grand time. We will be seeing Annette (Steve's sister) and family when we get to San Fransisco. My kids are so excited about that. So am I - I need another woman around, Annette!! haha . we hope to go and hike out to the lighthouse tomorrow, will put a photo up of that after.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Redwood Forest

Well the trees are big in this forest!! had a great walk, have met two other boats that we have been hanging out with, one is a tuna fishboat from Granville Island!! we have had Albacore Tuna fresh bbqed and even raw!! totally awesome. We hope to leave here on Sunday and head for San Fransico. It was (and still is) very windy last night !!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cresent City California

well we have made it to California !! Cresent City is about 8 hrs from Eureka. we needed to get more fuel as we have motored the whole way. had the jib and staysail up for a bit, but not enough wind to make the weather window. We were also travelling with a fisherman down the coast. It was great to have someone to talk to on the VHF. he was travellling alone,so very much appreciated the company ( and extra lookout)Had great weather, all sun except for the last morning where we had fog til about 10am. Then back to sun. saw 7 pelicans, albatross, dolphins played in our bow wake and Steve and kids saw a couple of whale tails- humbacks they think! I missed it! bummer!!! If we stay here a couple of days, we will be going to the redwood forest.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well we have our weather window and will be leaving tonight to head south. We are heading to Eureka California. We have been checking in with a weather guy and he has given us this window. Send good energy for a nice trip down for us first timers!! Sorry we won't see you John and Cheryl in San Diego. Bummer!! Look forward to some hot weather!! Emma misses Maggie. So does Maya and also Kyle.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Well we had quite the windy and rainy day yesterday. We played boardgames all day.Kyle bought this new one called Jumbo jet - combination of cash flow and monopoly. The sun is out and all is calm here now. Looks like we have a window - Thurs/Friday . Emma took this picture of us all by herself

Sunday, October 7, 2007

just hanging around

still out on the hook- so I went crazy taking some photos. Thanks mom, and my false creek School mom's for the digital camera !! The lovely sign was giving to us by my sister Danielle ( aka Danny Lou !!! l love ya) and her Troup - Andrew, Merrick,& Erryn

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wating for the Weather!!!

Well looks like there is quite a storm coming through, so we will wait out the weather. Steve is going to keep working on the boat, doing all the little things we were going to do later, may as well. Today was a beautiful day in Port Angelos, I wore SHORTS!!! Emma got her first lesson on how to start the outboard - right from pumping the gas ball to the choke. she couldn't quite start it , so Maya gave it a pull and first time start!!! Kyle has finished Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets today . Read it in one day!!! ( this is his 4rd time around) It's about 9pm and so calm, it's like glass on the water. Will check the weather tomorrow and see how it is, first break and we are gone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

going out ot anchor in Port Angelos

hi all, we will be leaving the dock to day to anchor out- gets to expensive staying on the dock!!
we also want to try out the ham radio. there are to many power lines running down the dock and interfering with our backstay . don't know if i will have email access out there. Looks like we will try to leave for Neah Bay on Friday, that's when the weather is supposed to be better. Maya has now finished all the Harry Potter books!! good for her, although she's disappointed that they are done. Kyle has read the series twice since we have left Vancouver!! and Emma is writing her own songs, maybe we'll publish her song book! Thanks to everyone who has left comments on here , please comment, we love to read them and it makes us feel connected to you. The boat is looking good!! and things are getting done, Hugs to everyone!!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Haven't moved yet

we are still working on the ham radio. Steve thinks it works but just needing to set it up. Ron Kolody set it up for us before, so we are learning. I went to buy us some toques ( known as stocking hats here, they laugh at me when i say toque) and some gloves. We are getting more and more done on the boat. Have played a few games of Chess , I am good!!! Beat Steve in about 8 moves - check out the checkmate with the white horse on black king, good eh?! Just to show that!

Kyle , Maya, and Emma are doing great. Right now the girls are studying rocks, Kyle of course is reading something!! Have made a few friends on the dock here. Hope to go leave tomorrow if the weather is right. Steve went and watched a blues band the other night and quite enjoyed them. Will update when I can.





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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