Sunday, May 31, 2009

crossing the line

Its been a long hard sail most of the time,
We've had enough squalls to last us a life time,
With Malachi leading we're not far behind,
together at 1 am May 31
we crossed the line!

there were strobe lights flashing on the line,
even lasers looking mighty fine,
Steve sounds our siren , almost blue my mind!
together at 1 am
we crossed the line

it was Graeme's first time at 00' 00"
it was Malachi and Orca's second - aren't we the heros
Its great to be North again!
together a 1 am we crossed the line

Hey you all, not far to Hilo now!! its your turn!

Dionne and the rest of Orca III

Saturday, May 30, 2009

still sailing (actual date is May 28)

well, we have wind.... pointing into it , so we are leaning a lot and have some seas too! not my favorite part. feels like climbing Mt. Everest every time we walk through the pilot house!! makes cooking not so fun! this is where I need a gymbled stove! yep thats right I don't have that and I highly recommend for anyone going cruising this is a must!!!!! anyway, we caught more fish the other day. The same day we caught the mahi mahi, later that afternoon we caught a 4 foot shark! no kidding - have pictures of that one, and we threw him back, then right away on the other line we had a huge huge yellow fin tuna. he was almost 80 lbs!! and our first one we've ever caught. we gave Malachi half - and I have video of that exchange I tell ya, and now my freezer is full of fish. I feel like a fish market with all the varieties we have!

we are making progress, but all are anxious to get to Hilo - fantasizing about frostys and ice cream and such. its very hot here, especially inside the boat as we have to keep all the hatches close for all the spray. Graeme tried to sleep outside one night but found it too uncomfortable. and it started to rain, the cockpit is the compfy spot -but that is reserved for those on watch. Have had a few sightings of "ships" that turned out to be stars -planets really , Venus we think, regardless I call that my star as it is always rising on my watch. Last night we did see a few fishing boats. nice to have Malachi ahead - both Marg and I chat on our watches, nice.

not much else, just hanging out, hard to read in this kind of waves. we have about 12 days or so - depending on wind and waves , to go.

Orca III on the side

just sailing along............(actual date May 26)

having a nice light wind sail for the last few days. seas are very small and calm and we have been able to leave all the hatches open! need to its so HOT!- Malachi is still with us just slightly ahead about 1-2 miles. we have been lucky fishermen yesterday and today. caught some kind of sailfish yesterday, very blue - we think either a pacific sailfish or a very young blue marlin, it has a very pointy mouth but no long bill. He was 4 feet long, and very very blue! very pretty and today we caught a mahi mahi! they are so pretty too, blue, green, gold - it was jumping out of the water! so today we eat mahi mahi!

have had some rain today and two beautiful rainbows! its cloudy and cooler - nice for a change! well not much else to say, me and the kids are reading lots, Graeme listening to his music, Steve just hanging out. his mp3 player that got wet and he fixed has kicked the bucket! so we will be looking for something for him in Hawaii cause he loves his music. thats it for now, this is a much much better passage! i like this kind -

until next time this is Orca III CFG7565 standing on the side

orca III underway to Hawaii (actual date May 23)

Hey all,
we are leaving from the Tuamotus today, on our way to Hawaii. Boat is in great shape - looking forward to being in Hawaii. we are heading to Hilo on the big island. It is very hot here! and will get hotter the closer we get to the equator. have had a nice time in Tikihau ( thats the atoll we are at in the Tuamotus) lots of swimming and this is the greenest atoll we've seen! lots of flowers and trees, not just coconut ones either. Malachi is still with us - hope all of our fellow cruisers are enjoying Fiji and have arrived safe. keep us posted. to all of you at home, looking forward to seeing you in August!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

last dinner in Tahiti - Roulette style

what a treat to not have to cook! and its so hot ,especially in Papeete City..... we are leaving today to first do a quick stop in Rangaroa then off to Hilo Hawaii. until then its ham radio time.....
here we all are eating at the roulette trucks! good food!

these trucks all park here and have all kinds of food. this is the crepe one!

waiting for dinner

the Crandell's of Malachi

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Orca party time - Canadian Style

We had 6 Canadian boats in Moorea , so we had a party!! all the crew on all 6 boats came over to Orca III - Ian on Earthlight read us a story he wrote many years ago! It was fantastic and a good time had by all. munchies and new friends being made! One boat "Loona III" had not seen Canadians for 2 years - so they were very excited to join us. ( they have been in Lima) We decided that seeing as there were a majority of Canadain Vessels , we claimed Moorea as ours!! ( hahhaha) it was a lot of fun !

This be Ian from Earthlight, he came "dressed" for the occassion! I think Emma was trying to get his top from him. It was neat to see Earthlight cause the last time we spoke - 1 yr ago, they were just coming into Tahiti and we were in Moorea and heard them on the VHF - but we were leaving the next day so missed sssing them . what a nice surprise to have them in Moorea when we arrived this time!! all who know Ian , know how funny he is!!!

Captain Robert! hat suits him don't you think!!

the true owner of the cap!! this was my grandpa A's hat when he was on the Lord Selkirk! Looks good on the Admiral, eh?!!!!!
Rose and Steve, in charge of the tuna - we have come to love it raw with soya and wasaby!!

Here we have the lovely Marg , Julie ( Mad Hatter) and Wendy ( Earthlight)

canadian kids!
Emma wanted to go fishing on her own! so off she went with fishing rod in hand and in her own "dingy" - had fun, caught no fish............

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moorea and swimming with the Rays! and Tattoos!!

we had a blast swimming with rays and they are gorgeous! and Graeme had fun! It was Rose's first time and she also loved it .we will go again tomorrow and take Robert with us this time. After that we walked a long way to go to the tattoo artist for Graeme. he got one ! You'll have to wait til he comes home to see what it is!! I'm not allowed to show you!!!
everyone checking out the tattoo book
Tattoo time. not everyday you take your 9 yr old to a tattoo parlor, eh?!
Graeme getting his tattoo
tikis everywhere
more rays
kyle and the rays, he loves these guys!

birthdays in Tahiti! snorkeling too!

Its picture time again! we have been having fun and working hard. lots of groceries to buy!! and Steve has been fixing all the broken things. we are getting it done!! yead
Our little Emma also a fish!! sorkeling in Tahiti at Marina Tahina
Kyle, Jocelyn, Jenny, and Maya - they are just like fish!! snorkeling in Tahiti!
Yep that's me!
Maya and her found treasure
Kyle found some too! thats coral from the bottom ( don't worry its a dead one)
and that's Graeme, finally got him in the water!
Me and Rose ( Tillicum) this was my birthday afternoon snorkel!
Kyle can go straight down! He's our diver

Birthday music for me and Emma sang her own song with him
the kids with Rose
kids with Robert ( Tillicum)
Steve and I on my birthday

My beautiful necklace from Robert and Rose!
my medal from Maya , I love it!!!! and the forks - well that's a story from Malachi, ask me when we get home!
My birthday Cinnamon Buns made by Marg on Malachi! what a treat, they were still hot too!! Lucky lucky me, these are the best!!!
Emma's birthday Ice cream!
Emma's 9th Birthday! We made it to Tahiti on her birthday!
Emma and her best bud, Austin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sailijng the big sea and land ho! Tubuai

here are some photos , have fun! enjoy and we will see you soon!

here we are!


one of the many stops we did on the bike

bike ride time. this man let us use them for free cause we came to their island by boat!

cheese !

the women and girls - fun on the motu

the men at the motu - white sandy beach!

on land! after 23 days - Malachi and Orca III

Emma found a swing and that's our boat way in the background - Tubuai - Australs, lovely Island ! we loved it here, not a lot of cruisers come here so we were the talk of the island!

what a beautiful flower! not sure what it is.....but I love it

one of the many sites along the way still in Tubuai

another beautiful flower, look at all the green !

Orca III, Malachi and Candine. - rush hour in Tubuai! we all arrived at the same time

yeah we are on land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tubuai Australs French Polyensia South Pacific Ocean

watching Pirates of the Carribean out at sea!!

the crew of orca III before all the storms!

here's our rip from the big waves! nice eh?!

sunrise in the morning after we threw Malachi some tuna! this was a great day of saililng!

here ! catch! - we sure had enjoyed travelling with them, we did this fish throwing 2 times! not really a normal sea crossing

our little bird friends that were with us for a few days. sadly one landed in the water one to many times and didn't make it. Poor Emma was so upset! we almost convinced Steve to turn the boat around and do a man over board , but there was no way to save him. his friend we saw one more time and then he/she never came back.....

at sea, sunrise! taken by Malachi

orca III at the end of the rainbow, no gold





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
Christmas at Snug Cove