Monday, August 10, 2009

HOME!! in Spruce Harbour Marina

Well, we made it home! What a fantastic welcome for us, my mom and Joe on the boat launching ramp, my sisters, brother in law, niece and nephew and friends on the bridge with the fantastic banner! and on the dock, my dad, steve's mom and lots of neighbors and friends, what a treat~
and to complete our 2 yr journey , we sailed into English Bay with our cruising buddies on Malachi - the 2 boats side by side!

This will be our final post........... the offshore adventure of Orca III and us family of Tremblay's has come to an end , until the next time !

And yes , there will be a next time. We have already been talking about going to the Marqueses & Tonga again! and I really want to see Samoa -

Thank you to everyone who has been following our great adventure! And to all of you who helped get us there! We loved reading all the comments on the blog and all the emails !

Orca III and her Trembaly family of Steve, Dionne , Kyle , Maya, and Emma sailed approximately 18,000 nautical miles , over 10 countries, and many ,many islands in the last 2 years. It was an experience we will not forget.

Vancouver! and HOME - that's the Burrard Bridge in the background, with our marina in behind!our "BANNER" and that's my sisters and other family up there!!! The Tremblay's of Orca III - HOMEDionne with the Planatarium behind
a dock full of greaters, all waiting to help tie us up - This is our "home"
Orca III and Malachi arriving in English Bay together, completion of a great 2 yr trip
SV MALACHI~ coming home
Pirates Cove - the kids still love the treasure chest!! only they are too big to be put in it now!!
Mom and her children sitting on the logs at Pirates Cove - one of the last days of the tripFather and son time
Orca III anchored in the middle of Pirates Cove, it's amazing how all the other boats look so under geared!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cowichan Bay

ORCA III anchored in Cowichan Bay
Well its been a heap of fun here!! We arrived yesterday morning to seeing Malachi and Maryka Violet rafted together and anchored . We tied to them for a short visit before they headed out - we'll see them again.
Then Dave Ego , connection with the Blue Street Band Steve played in, came down to the docks and we picked him up by dingy for a visit. We went to Dave and Pat's place for dinner and saw how Dave had been following our route. He had the atlas open and yellow stickies marking significant events ( even the long and lat of where we lost our spinnaker!) and all the emails I had been sending. What a treat to see that!! We had a great dinner , and he plays the alto sax. So Kyle played it , first time in almost 2 years!! it sure was great to hear him again! We sure enjoyed ourselves. They are wonderful wonderful people and what a nice welcome to Cowichan Bay!Maya, Dave, Steve, Kyle, Pat Emma - dinner at their house
Dave and his wonderful collection of our trip - see the yellow stickies! and the emails, I love this!!
The kids just hanging around Cowichan Bay Village
We also gave a call to Gordon and Sandy Rutherford - the builder and first owner of Orca III, they came on aboard too!!
We had a great time with them, talking about Orca III's adventures, showing pictures and talking about all the changes we did. They are absolutely lovely people! We went and saw them after dinner at Dave and Pat's . I had burned a DVD for them of Orca III sailing in the big waves in the Tuamotus ( Remember that Dave H?! thanks for filming us!!!) They were thrilled!! Nice to see Orca III sail!!Wooden Model of ORCA III - done by Sandy's brother!
picking plums in Gordon's yard. We even had raspberries! and we picked blackberries where ever we saw them - oooh how we missed those!!

We then went out today with Gord - he gave us a tour of Cowichan. Saw the tressel bridge and the suspension bridge and then he lent us a van to go and check out the BC Discovery Forest Museum. that was fun!checking out the info on the Kinsol Trestle bridge.
US!!!Next we were off to the Suspension Bridge at Bright Angel Park! We had lots of these in the south island of NZ - remember?!yes that would be the monkey man Kyle in his tree! I love me BC trees!
At the BC forest museum. Gordon gave us his pass and we had a blast! got to ride the steam train too! We have been there before in the old cars during a rally years ago. When we got home we stopped at the best ice cream place ever. "Udder Guys" - they make homemade ice cream! We said our good byes to both Dave/Pat and Gord/Sandy and wil stay the night here , leaving in the am for Pirate's Cove.

We dropped 2 crab traps today, first time in 2 years , hope we get some!! Oh and I forgot to mention - poor Steve has had to rebuild the head - nice that it broke down here and not on a passage! Never had to fix that the whole 2 yrs!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BCA Rendezvous Photo time

here you go! I promised you pictures , enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
Robert, and the kids having fun in the hammock, Kyle took this from the crows nest

Steve and Dionne - after a great weekend at the BCA rendezvous, we were tired - can you believe I got worn out of talking?!
Bryn and Kyle going for a ride
Our dear friends, Carol and Bryn on their boat, they also were in Montague Harbour

Steve and Bryn , playing again! harmonica and wash tub base!
Jam night on Orca III - after the BCA events. Fun Fun Fun - Bud, Robert and Rose
water fight time, the kids filled a pile of water balloons and then resorted to buckets1
dingy tug - o -war!! Row Kyle Row!!!
Kyle rowing with the kids to the races! they got there in time for the big water fight
Kyle fishing with all the kids. Ethan, Lily, Lucas and Aiden - fun ,fun fun
The gang from the marina - Tim, Heather, Pierre , Jennifer, Maria and Bud, what a welcome home ! Great to be at the BCA Rendezvous with them!!

Captain Highliner?! hahaha Robert from Tillicum, they joined us on the Rendezvous
The stick game! taught to us by Carol and Bryn, love the game - here we are playing with Malachi
Malachi and Orca III Sidney Spit
yep that's me ! in the water in BC - Sidney Spit
the boys having fun in Sidney Spit
the girls of Malachi and Orca III - Sidney Spit, Gulf Island BC

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hanging around Gulf Islands!

Hey all,
we just had the best weekend with BCA Rendezvous! Friends from home there as well, ! We took our buddies from Tillicum - Robert and Rose - I will post pictures later.

We will be home on Sunday August 9 at 2pm , in our own slip in Spruce Harbour Marina, come on down!

pictures to follow of the Rendezvous, we are just visiting Robert and Rose's place in Sidney ( doing laundry , having baths, I forgot my portable hard drive for the pictures)





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
Christmas at Snug Cove