Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hi from the ocean

+we are having a great sail!! the wind came up in the afternoon ( 11knts out of NW) and we were doing 6knts. we are at 20*08'N 106*45'W currently doing 3.8 knts 262T we reduced our genoa for the night. The wind seems to have picked up more this evening.
seas are nice and calm, maybe 3 ft swell.
today was movie day - we watched The Waltons and then Steve and kids watched Star Wars II - while I did the watch outside. WE are checking in on 3 different nets ( 2 SSB 1 HAM) at different times of the day (1400utc, 2330 utc and 0200 utc.) so rest assured enough people know where we are. Dorothy Marie is right behind us and we talk throughout the day.
It's amazing how much on a schedule we are out here as far as the nets........ good to talk to boats ahead of us as we get a heads up about the weather.

we are settling in to the sailing 24 hrs a day. way better this time. even caught a couple of fish , but to small and threw them back, however we are used to catching that marlin, maybe they weren't to small?! haha....

I think Uncle Bill is with us ... I have a bird sitting on my mast that doesn't want to go away , we've tried everything including banging the mast and turning on the strobe , he is stay with us for now. He turned up during the star wars show as I was on watch by myself. He looks comfy up there. I think he is watching over us.......

hope all is well, love you!!!


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Anonymous said...

I would say that you're absolutely right....your Uncle Bill most definitely was (is) there. Why else would you have caught such a small fish..lol. Oh, I mean...because of the Star Wars...of course.
Glad all is "sailing" along nicely.
Big hugs from....guess who





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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