Thursday, April 24, 2008

left Futa HIva

Well we have just pulled out of Baie Hanavave - same bay we were in just two names, it's 2129 utc and 11:45am local time ( have no idea what time that is in vancouver) we are on our way to Hiva Oa to do our check in. we loved this place!!! have made many friends with the locals and even the policeman want s us to come back there after we check in at Hiva Oa.. but we will be moving on....... could live there though if I could get some of you to come !! I have fresh basil and mint, and all kinds of
fruit. loads of bananas!!!! Steve fixed the headlight switch on that puegot diesel pick up he was working on before and they gave him a tiki carving . the man Jack , does the carvings and his wife does the tapa. she gave Steve a tapa the other day for working on her truck. they really want us to stay and have Steve be the village mechanic. It's so lush and green and so full of beautiful flowers!! the smells here are to die for. tons of trees , a real paradise!! The village people will be in Papeete
at the end of May for artisan exebition and we hope to see them there. The people here are so wonderful!! very sad to leave....
yesterday was Steve's birthday and we ( all the cruisers) were invited to a special festival performance by the school children, it was excellent ! they were dressed all in the traditional Marquises style of dress, flowers and palm leaves everywhere, the younger children wore the tapa cloth and boy they all looked so beautiful. they sang and danced and did a play and I even got picked to dance with them at the end of the performance!! those young ( 3-10 yrs old) girls can sure move their hips! had
a big feast afterwards and we were all very welcomed.
later on in the evening we ( cruisers ) organized a big jam on the dock and invited the village , lots of the men came and played guitar and sang. we did "happy birthday to 'Steve" and he lucked out with on cruiser ( Ovive ) baking a cake, I made lemon merangue pie and squares ( lemon to die for here!!) and Dorothy Marie made white chocolate macadamia nut fudge for him!!! had a blast.
there was a altercation with another cruiser boat with the village family we have become close to. The cruisers ( Swedes,can you believe it?!) thought the village had stolen their camera and they made quite a fuss, very loud and awful. Lauralie - ( one of the girls that has become a very dear friend of mine) she is from the village family was so upset when she saw me last night , trying to find it. I felt so bad for her. turns out the cruiser had it in his bag the whole time.. but he made such
a scene he was asked to leave the island. Sally ( Dorothy Marie ) and I went and saw the family, and gave hugs and let them know that no one thought they had stolen it. and that we were very sorry the cruiser reacted that way, makes it look bad for all of us. They were so touched to have us come up there!! They gave us food from the dinner they had done... and I returned their dishes with banana bread and chocolate white fudge !! they loved it and gave us more bananas, pompemousse, and basil. They
are very sad to see us go. will miss them!!

The only way to get to this island is by boat! I feel very lucky to have come there. never know , we may end up living there

hugs to all,


Anonymous said...

hello you sweet family!!
I am so relieved that you've made it safely to your first port'o'call. Your Mom hasn't had to have her hair streaked since you left...just natural white streaks from worrying about you
I'm so excited....Nathaniel is coming home tomorrow from New Zealand!!! We'll only get to spend the evening together and then he's heading back to Victoria to do a "Run" on Sunday. He'll be back the following weekend to do a marathon. MY GOD!!!! Where does he get the energy!!!
I'm just so happy that you folks are on land again!!!
Missing you ohhhhh soooo much and loving you more than that.
Auntie Sandy

Dana said...

Hi Sister, Brother and Nieces and Nephews,

I bet you are wondering why I haven't is the
truth....I miss you all so much it hurts!!! I cry typing to you....I
wish you were home yet I know you are living your dream!!! Good for
you!! You all deserve it! Steve - I wish you a VERY happy birthday...I
love you ta bits Brother!!!!

Anyway, I am tired...working hard these days but want you to know I am
ALWAYS thinking of you and love you all so very much...have
fun...enjoy etc.

All my love to all of you,
Auntie/Sister{in law}

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Congratulations! Been reading (but not writing) and following your trip. Impressed--but not surprised--at how well you've done. Hope the kids have good memories--some experiences of a lifetime. Jo and I going to try for Barclay Sound this summer and maybe an overnight out into the Pacifica--first time in open water for both of us so we'll see if our stomachs can take it. If so then perhaps we get to follow you--but not for a couple of years. New job for me and building cruising kitty. Best to you all. Spruce hasn't been the same since you left. I still miss the smell of grinding metal in the morning. Love, George and Jo ("Yemaya").





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