Sunday, April 6, 2008

Update from Orca3...

hey there all, as you have noticed i have figured out how to send photos through the ham. I have to adjust them so small, hope they look okay. It takes 25 minutes for one picture to go through so you will only get a few here and there. Enjoy!! notice how blue the water is!!!!
we caught 2 tuna yesterday and one first thing this morning! yeah we needed them!! I ( Dionne ) am now the net controller for the 0200 time for the Pacific Puddle Jumpers net for the week. I call all the boats who are underway to the Marquesass and get their check in. there are 28 boats so far.

Steve is working away polishing , and boy it looks great!! even has the girls helping out. Still battling the battery charging but Steve has a plan today to put the bigger alternator on the generator. this should help quite a bit.

Check out our buddies blog at this is the boat we are travelling with and she posted a picture of us on our boat iln the open ocean , have fun looking at us sailing along!!

its getting hotter and hotter!!


Anonymous said...

REALLYYYY nice photos. I checked out your buddies site also and saw their photo of you folks. You're all looking so good and the kids are getting so big. It's wonderful that we can follow you along on your travels.
love and hugs to you all,

Auntie Sandy

Dana said...


Hello from North Carolina!!! I miss you guys so much!! The photos are great. I figured if I post on your blog then all will see I arrived here safely...I am not getting along too well with the person I am travelling with but oh well...dealing with it and then I shall move on...she has a real "princess' attitude and of course that drives me crazy!! Nevermind she is pregnant to boot and playing that for all it is worth.......UUGGHHH!! Anyway...arrived here...shall be home on Friday afternoon and will write more then.

Safe journey family!!!
Love you all so much,
Dana xoxoxoxox





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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