Thursday, May 15, 2008

just hanging around Nuka HIva

local home on Nuka HIva

kids from Orca III, Malachi, and O'Vive

we are sitting here nursing all of our no no bites - these things are worse then mosquitos!! Kyle wins with having the most and also infected bites. have them all healing well now! sure takes time to heal in the tropics!! There are a ton more kids boats and Orca III has been called the babysitting boat as all the kids end up here!! had 10 aboard yesterday.
Today they have all been farmed out!! Steve got our generator working with a bigger belt by moving the mount and taking of the AC part. so that means we can charge the batteries again not using so much fuel. the main engine is what we have been doing and it burns a lot of fuel and heats up the boat. While he was doing that the kids and I did the laundry. all of you count your lucky stars to have a washing machine ! (never mind a dryer) we washed it all by hand, all of it and have been every since we left Mexico and will continue until Tahiti where we hope to find a washing machine - they are know where here in the Marquesis, I could pay some one but it would cost me around $ 100 cdn - so we will continue to hand wash, and where our clothes more than twice! ( no we are not always in bathing suits! we have only been able to swim in 2 bays, the one we are in now had 3 tiger sharks spotted last week and no one is taking a chance, those guys eat people!! and the last one there was one hammer head shark spotted and where there is one there are probably more! ) so we are waiting until the Tuomotos to swim lots. there are lots of rays in the bay too, they are nice! and really cool to watch
managed to get propane organized, Malachi is bring 6 13 kilo bottles from the Island of Au Pou as there is absolutely none left here on the big main island. apparently the ship didn't show up that has the propane ( actually its butane as they don't use propane here) . there are a few happy boats waiting for Malachi to bring it. then we have to transfer to our own bottles. Life is so different!! I am now making my own yogurt cause its so expensive to buy! and have been trading with fellow cruisers as I needed dental floss and have so many toothbrushes and dried basil. thats fun trading.
shopping is fun ( being cheaky!) everything is so expensive. just discovered that 30,000 Polyenisian Franks equals $410 CDN dollars. wow that was a shocker! A box of cereal is between 600-900 Polynesian Franks. do the math, we are not buying cereal here!! thank god we are getting all the fruit for free or trade. and catching fish. forget the pork and beef ( I have found some chicken at not a bad price) any way , we are still having a good time. love seeing all the cruisers. enjoy the pictures - the free internet didn't last long , had to buy it 10hr for $66 cdn. and it can be so slow!! the things we take for granted. oh well, have been getting it free all along so it balances out.
had a great pizza dinner for my birthday , all the kids went to Tin Soldier for popcorn and movies and all the adults went for pizza. Dorothy Marie was also there. had a great time!! got some great presents, Natalie off of O'Vive does beading too. she made me a necklace ( wait till u see this) she also does rings and is teaching me how to make them. this is so long cause I keep typing waiting for the photo to post - has been 15 minutes and the picture is still not up yet. see how I mean slow. trying to post one of Kyle and Emilie. they are inseperatable will try later.

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Anonymous said...

Wow....fabulous photos and such a wonderful run-down of your lives to this point. So, your Mom is out on the water in a big ship and probably not having to "rough it" at all. I'm sure she'll have a great time - can't wait to hear how it went.
Take care my beautiful are missed terribly but we're all so thrilled for your wonderful experiences. Life is grand...isn't it?!!
Love always and give each other a big hug and kiss,
Auntie Sandy





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