Sunday, June 8, 2008

Orca III on the move again

Hi all,
we have had a really great time here!.. We met a local fisherman and artist! he invited us to help catch the small fish with this net kinda like a smelting net and then we did lunch.... he taught the boys how to clean the fish for bbqing and for the raw fish soaked in coconut milk ( i think its called poi poi) anyway us women got to grate the coconut French Polynesian style.. sitting on a board with this cool grater thing attached. ( will post photos later)
We invited him and his wife over the next day to O'vives boat and we made them lunch and gave gifts. He really likes country music so I burned 2 cds and gave him my " Country Heat" one. big grin and then we also gave him some abalone shells we got from Mexico. He takes the oyster shells and carves the most beautiful pictures and stuff. unfortunately he no longer does it to sell, he was making a picture for his grand daughters first birthday ( again look for photo later) I loved the candle he made!!!
but he made all the kids a necklace with his carved design from the oyster shell, absolutely beautiful!!! So needles to say he was very thrilled to have the abalone shells. they don't have them here and they are so full of colour, he has a friend who has given him one or two from New Zealand. He was so thrilled to get those shells. Emma also gave some of her my little pets shop guys to the little girl for her birthday.

Steve is really looking into the Black Pearls here and our new friends have contacts for us in Tahiti and she is also showing Steve some this morning.
it has been very windy here and has rained at some point everyday that we have been here. Every book says that the Tuamotous are very dry, that has not been our experience at all. in fact yesterday it rained so hard and so much that we collected a ton of water in our buckets and all of us ( Malachi and Orca III) said this is just like BC!! only it rains like that days and weeks in a row. We are leaving here tomorrow early to make the tide at the next pass. we have about an 8 hour sail to the next
atoll called Fakarava.

here is our tentative itinerary - Toau, Ahe, Rangiroa, Tikehau, Papeete - this is of course subject to change depending on the weather...

We plan on staying with O'Vive and Malachi for a while ( Kyle's girlfriend is on O'Vive - that'd be Emilie)

love ya all!! take care and hugs all around

Dionne and family


Auntie Sandy said...

I'm so glad I decided to check your blog before I packed it in for the night. I know...I'm always going to bed early, but that's because even though it's the weekend - I wake up at 5:30am. Nathaniel is coming to the mainland tomorrow and I'm soooo looking forward to seeing him again. Marge is away to a cabin for the weekend and I'm not really sure when she's coming back. She get's a Monday off every other week and I've lost track of which Monday it is....hmmmmm...the mind is failing....better get back here Naww....just kidding...keep having a wonderful time with your amazing adventures and thank you sooooo much for keeping us so well informed of your life as it progresses. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to your next port o' call. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure. Big hugs and soooo much love to each and everyone of you.
Auntie Sandy

Heather Lochner said...

OMG, hearing all about your adventures makes me want to cross an ocean! here I thought I would be happy with the Caribbean, but perhaps not. You sound like you are having the time of your life. How is Emma? Kyle has a girlfriend? And what about Maya, how is she? I miss you all. Aidan is growing up and Lucas is well, Lucas. Let me know when I can send photos.
The Lochners





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'Lil' putt putt
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