Wednesday, July 9, 2008

after the festivities

we had a great time last night, although I was a little disappointed , cause I thought we were seeing a whole group of dancers at once, instead it was one at a time, but boy they were good, unfortuneatly we could not take pictures during the show. ( although I did see some flashes going off) these dancers you see now were outside doing a demo for another dance coming up . the dance competition was neat , don't know how those girls make their hips go so fast and good!! Had the men also performing and they were fantastic as well. We met up with Ovive and Dorothy Marie before the show and walked over together.. had a blast thats all of us in the group shot , except me of course! The coolest part of the evening was coming home on the "Le Truck" - turns out it was full of only us cruisers!! whats the chance of that? Even had the fellow driving stop and ask where we were going as it was the first time no one got off on the route.... funny!
had Kyle take a picture of me and Steve, not bad , eh?!

We are trying to get out of here, except Steve is still helping a fellow cruiser on Candine. off to Moorea, to catch up with Malachi
ps we are eating a lot of steak ,cause it is so cheap compared to chicken and pork, actually its even cheaper than steak back home , go figure?! ( its New Zealand beef, )

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dionne & Steve,

You guys are living my dream!!!
The sailing, the water, the sting-rays!!!

God it all sounds and looks wonderful. You must be on top of the world.

We have to buy a boat soon. I miss sailing so much. Where are you guys now?

How is home schooling going?

Louise Hendriks





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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