Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isle of Huahine

16* 43.270' S 151* 02.426"W

we arrived here around noon on the 16th . not a bad passage only 16 hrs. not much wind though so we had to motor the last half, but made water along the way. the anchoring by the village sucks! tried 3 times then finally move out by the reef. Malachi and O'Vive also had the same trouble. we are leaving to head down to the south end where its the best. the Dorothy Marie is already there waiting for us to sing and make music some more. the water here is great! everyone did some swimming yesterday and we will be doing more today. unfortuneatly there is no internet at the south end so this is it for a few days. Happy Birthday to my sisters, Dana and DAnny Lou. skype was not working so hot yesterday or today tried to call. hope you have a great day you two!! and Tim you got the trivia answer correct!! Moorea means yellow lizard in Tahitian, never did see one there but saw a lot of ones with a blue stripe down their back.

Laundry day !!
this is my washing machine and my dryer!!
not bad, eh.

this is my mango delivery serice, tee hee actually Dave and Natalie from O'Vive went to town this morning and found the fruit truck, got these mangos for 500 franks ( all ten) that is cheap!! they were selling them for 300 franks each in Papeete.

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Anonymous said...

WOW...I'm in awe of your fabulous adventure. So sorry I haven't left comments but had a horrible summer cold and overwhelmed at work with summer vacation coverage. It was so great hearing your voice at Danielle's bridal shower...and by the way it WAS a shower....had the best water fight!! So reminded me of you girls visiting in Calgary...just missed your so excellent "water throws".
You kids, Steve and Dionne are all looking so fit and fine. Wish I was there to enjoy the swimming and because I'm not fond of the heat I'd be hanging onto a rope at the bow of the boat the whole time. That's in my own little dreamworld...I go there often.
Keep those wonderful photos and writings coming....they make everyone's day!!!
Loving and missing you all sooo much!
Auntie Sandy





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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