Monday, August 18, 2008

still here!!


well I've been back here for a week now, and my Vancouver visit seems so long ago. We did the saturday market , bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies and even my islander princess crown!! Even got Marilyn off of Tin soldier to get one! this was Malachi's first visit and Ovive showed up just after lunch so now all three boats are here together again. Sunday was a birthday party for Jared on Tin soldier, all the kids , and let me tell you there were a lot ( 6boats) all had a great time and even went to the Cinema, yes they have one here! the kids saw Indiana Jones The Crystal Skull, $5 NZ dollars each .... so cheap!!!! us adults played a new card game call Tarrot - its a French game and I won!! not bad for just learning. neat game. every hand you end up changing partners but don't neccessarily know who your partner is until the last hand!! very exciting. We are planning to leave around Wednesday. that is when the wind is in our favour. our next stop is Beverage reef. supposed to be good snorkeling there and besides you are anchored out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean how cool is that, but no internet... go figure. then we will be at Nuie, then Tonga. Maya at the market wearing the island princess crown.

here are a few photos from French Polynesia, this is the chart from Tahiti to Bora Bora .
these are my prize students withthe beaded bags they made. Natalie is on the far right and that her mom and sister in law.

and these are the bags , mine is the blue one on the right, that I made for Natalie ( O'Vive)
Malachi Marg and Jenny made 2 as well. thanks Annette for teaching me how to make these, they all love them and we are making more!!


Auntie Ila said...

Hey you!!!! I got a lap top with a built in mic and web cam. SO i will be talking to soon as I figure it out. So great to see you sweetheart. The kids look so grown up. Like Kyle's hair cut. Take care love you so much,

Auntie Ila XOXO

Heather Lochner said...

Dionne, sorry we never spoke after I saw you. I left for Ontario and got caught up with the family. My apologies. Was awesome seeing you and please tell your kids that my kids miss them. Have a great time travelling and stay in touch.





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'Lil' putt putt
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