Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun in Tonga

Nathalie took this great picture of us!! aren't we the cute couple!! This time next year we will be in the Fall Fair doing the dishes on Ganges Salt Spring - yep , Carol and Bryn count us in!!!
We had a great anniversary dinner at the Aquarium Cafe - this is the hang out place for the cruisers. our buddies of O"Vive, Tin Soldier, and Shilling came to celebrate with us. great food and good prices. The Tongan dollar - called pa 'anga- is about 2-1 Canadian, so good for us. Everything is cheaper - especially compared to French Polynesia!!! We brought the kids with us even, they all ate then left to play on O'Vive. we have quite the group of kids - hang out all the time.

Glenn off of Tin Soldier and I went into town to get the best price for all of us to swim with the humpback whales. yep , you read that right - we are going out today for the day , to swim with those wonderfully huge mamals. We managed to get the boat for a flat fee of $1500 T diveded by 12 people makes for a do able price for us families. It should be a great time.! wil get lots of photos.

this is the harbour we are in right now, we are all on mooring bouys and boy its tight! The Va Vau group reminds us of Desolation Sound! except with no big mountains, just beautiful here. we will spend most of our time around the island here and then a little in the Ha Pai group-


Karen said...

What a couple of hotties! Great pic guys. Have fun with the whales.

Your land lubber friend said...

Happy Anniversay Steve & Dionne - great photos; I'm partial to the top one, you look so happy and still very much in love! The family that plays together, stays together!!!
We're all doing great and having fun too - Kevin, Jeff & Rachel are playing soccer with Kevin and I also helping to coach Rachel's team, boys are tinkering on their cars, some of us are learning more about wine- we're happy, healthy and laughing along the way. Big hugs to you all, we miss you tons and enjoy keeping in touch thru your adventures - thank God for your blogsite and internet access!

dannylou who said...

Hi Wonderful Family!

I know I'm late...Happy Anniversary to you guys! You look very happy and I'm so glad. Brother, take good care of my sister...she's one of a kind! But you already know that...
Love and hugs to the "not so little" ones..Stop growing, you're making your aunt feel old! Love you all tonnes and tonnes. Nice to see you enjoying the whales..we didn't get any of them in Alaska...I guess we were in the wrong part of the world! Missing you more than that,
Danny Lou (Mrs.Dagg & that Andrew guy too!)





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