Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more touring of Niue

The Tremblay Troup of Orca III - sailing around the South Pacific Sea!!
our beautiful Maya!!
Our beautiful Dionne

the beautiful clear water at Aviati Cave. great swimming

we have been having a blast , lots of eating out, did the market again and even got my laundry picked up. the laundry people gave me a big big bushel of bananas and 4 papayas. NOt everyday you get that with your laundry!! the town ( or should I say the country) knows all of us Tremblays. when I dropped off my laundry the man there said " Your Emma's mom aren't you?" think thats why we got all that fruit!! Maya hurt her foot( she fell in one of the caves at the end of the day)so we checked out the hospital- nice place!! but they close at 4pm - well there are a few nurses there to watch the 4 rooms with 2 beds for the night. we have to come back this morning after 9am for xray. we think it may just be a very bad sprain, but its still swollen and she can't put any weight on it. best to check it out. today is a get the boat ready to leave and check out on shore. we will leave tomorrow ( Thursday) for Tonga - we will miss this place! I even gave one of the ladies in the weaving class one of my beaded bags- I was teaching 2 of the ladies there how to make them. The lady I gave the bad to is giving me a woven hat she has made! wait til you see that- they are beautiful and take a while to make them!! they sell for $85 here , cheap really for the amount of work put into them.
Kyle,Emilie, Chris ( SV Candine) , Maya

these are some more pictures of our tour with the crew of O'Vive. this is the van we toured around in.


Auntie Sandy said...

When I looked at that picture of Maya - I had to look again...boy, does she ever look like her Mom!! Sorry to hear about the injury but I'm sure it'll heal in no time in that beautiful Niue. I can't tell you often enough that I think you all look so fabulous - makes me want to jump in a rowboat and head out to meet up with you all.
But, truth be told....we've had a fabulous past few days...not the heat of your part of the world but warm and clear with a fabulous view of the mountains.
Must run m'loves....I have to finish getting ready for work. Still loving my job!!
Marjorie, Ila and I are meeting after work to have dinner at the Casino - it's become a Thursday tradition.
Miss and love you all so very much!!
Auntie Sandy

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family photo...will have to keep that one and display it instead of the old one I have...never mind how old! You all look so beautiful and handsome (healthy too!)

Have a great sail to Tonga!

Loving and missing you ooooh soooo much,
Mom (in-law) & GMa





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'Lil' putt putt
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