Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tongan Feast at anchorage #11 Tapana

we arrived to this anchorage to have a great traditional tongan feast. Definately different than we thought it would be, first the dancing was different from the other polynesian dances we have seen, they are way more concervative- the girls hardly move their hips and the boys really give it!! great to see. if you notice on the pictures there are no plates or cutlery - everything eaten with hands and the dishes are carved out fruit or plants. real neat! the food was great! although we were not sure what we were eating! this is probably a good thing. they roasted a couple of small pigs , and cooked everything in the ground. some things were wrapped in banana leaves and had that smokey taste - still very good. there was lots of clams and octopus- mom you would have loved that! tee hee
there were about 620 people there! It was quite the feast.
The day we arrived we did a special dinner for Jenny on Malachi for her birthday - called a progresive dinner. The kids go from boat to boat, Orca III did appies, O'Vive did main course and Malachi did pancake breakfast the next morning after the kids slept over on O'Vive. fun time! We parents had dinner together and had a blast of a time.

We moved to Mala Island on Sunday to anchor in better holding as the weather was forcasting high winds, the winds came but from the other direction and we sat out the night in quite the storm, lightening and a ton of rain. the wind hit over 40 knots !! it was so windy and wavey and came up so fast that our kids were stuck on O"vive over night. just not worth the risk to have them come back in the dingy. The next morning all was calm, you would neven have known there was a storm!! made for quite the night. and Steve and I had the boat to ourselves!

We went for a tour of the swallow caves. these caves you can take your dingy right into and one of them we were able to have all four dingys in at once! very cool. we have done lots of snorkeling here and there are even starfish, first time seeing those in a long time!

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Auntie Sandy said...

Helly happy family!!
Just love to read your stories and the photo's make me feel like I'm right there!! Kyle has got himself a very good looking gal there.....awe young love - warms my heart. Maya and Emma are growing and getting more beautiful with every day. Sorry, Steve, but they get their beauty from their Mom....but then, Kyle gets his handsomeness from you - so all is good with the world.
Miss and love you all soooo much!!!
Auntie Sandy





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'Lil' putt putt
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