Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life in Neiafu Vava'u - Kingdom of Tonga

We have been hanging out here while Steve finishes up the boats. I went with Glen and Sally from Dorothy Marie to the end of the bay by dingy. managed to get a bunch of papayas! its so beautiful where we anchored.
We are away from most of the mooring bouys - have my trees all around! the water is green and calm, very peaceful where we are , just a little far from the other boats, but we love it!! feels like we are in Desolation Sound! - the kids are doing a photo scavenger hunt!! they have lots of questions to answer and when they find the stuff must take a picture of it and their team. There are 4 teams. can't wait to see them come back ! good fun! I just learned how to upload a bunch of pictures at the same tiem! I'm so excited.

Banana Trees!! like a jungle out here

Steve, Glenn and Sally at the Mermaid ! great place!

swimming at the Paradise Hotel pool, all the kids from the boats - Orca III, O'Vive, Malachi, Tin Soldier, Candine and finally New Paige. (she is Kimberly has the red hair in the back- also from Canada , Alberta!)


Ronald Tremblay said...

Hey, what sail part do you need? can deliver saturday October 11th to Tonga if you get the info to me fast enough. very little time, Dave Millar is waiting for your request and Larry Theireault is working Tonga. Contact us ASAP


dannylou who said...

Hello Lovely Family,

I know I've been a little irregular with my blog talk....sorry.:(
We've had a house full of sick people...germ infested you might say! Gross! Jocelyn & Ashton have been with us, we've had a very full house. Not to mention...Jocey's very full belly!! I know mom told you, you are going to a "great" auntie again. Her due date is Ashton's birthday, Dec 01. She went for her ultrasound and found out that she is having a little girl. She has a name picked out...however,in light of Isaac becoming Ashton at the moment of arrival, you never can tell! Like mom says...you were supposed to be a Kirsten! Probably if she stuck with that you would've been all girlie homebody, not sailing all over hell's half acre! Anyway love all tonnes, just been a little busy for sitting down to write. Anytime you feel like coming home...that'd be nice. Miss you too much!
Loving you guys,

Danny Lou

Your land lubber friend said...

Ahoy Orca III...okay, I know your crossings are wild, adventurous, risky and challenging but you sure seem to make up for them once you're anchored! Looks like you're still having a ton of fun, learning alot and all is well. Good to see you so happy with your adventure of a lifetime. Spruce Harbour Marina & Vancouver will be forever changed because of all that you'll share when you come back x 5!!!
Miss you and wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving - we are very "thankful" you are part of our family.
Love Heather

Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving world travelers. Hope you have a nice weekend. I'd say have a nice holiday weekend but it seems to me that you're living in a state of perpetual holiday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tremblay Troupe of the Orca III - loving all the pictures. What a wonderful time we are having through you! Love T & family





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'Lil' putt putt
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