Friday, October 31, 2008

we are in Nukalofa Tonga

Good morning everyone,
We arrived here on Oct30 around 4:30pm after leaving the lovely Ha'Apai group of islands. great to be here! there are a ton of boats waiting to leave to New Zealand and we know everyone. NIce to be back together again, we checked in yesterday and got our duty free fuel- what an ordeal. customs first , then port authority, customs again then running off to the BP fuel station to order our fuel early so that we could get it asap, half to order it in 200 litre incraments > Steve figured we needed 800
litres ( thats 4 barrels full) . they don't send a truck , you get barrels that you have to hand pump - actually it was kinda fun, takes forever to do.... as it was we didn't need that much , one barrel to much, but Steve managed to get enough boats and jerry cans to sell it to them, otherwise we can't take it back.
While Steve was doing this I was off to the market, bakery, butcher, and other shops to get us provisions. Man I am looking forward to a one stop shop to do that ! got a lot of great food, as they were just re-stacking . that whole process took us 5 hours . When I got back from getting food , Steve was still pumping diesel, we got back to our anchorage and anchored just after 2:30pm , we left the bay to do our stuff at 8am .

then last night the wind came up the rain poured like I haven't seen before. really reminded all of us BC'ers of Halloween back there. We went into "Big Mamas" for a buffet and halloween party, the party was cut short cause all of us boaters were concerned for our boats. then at about 11:30 pm - bam we were woke with a start cause a boat dragged and hit us! made for quite some commotion. only a little damage on the hull of our boat, gouged the paint down to the metal. not sure of the damage to the
other boat yet , they had a real hard time and have gone way across the other side of the bay - ( big bay!)
Not a great way to be woken up! we were concerned that they pulled on our anchor but we were okay.
Woke up to a beautiful sunny calm day, one would not have guessed that we could get that after the storm last night!
good thing is all the salt is washed of my boat!

we will go into town to the saturday market and check it out. looks like we are here for a while. the weather is not to good to leave from here and the first few hundred miles. would rather wait it out.
we don't really have internet access here. half to go to town, thats a bit of a trip. will keep you all posted
here is our lat and long

21*07.47's 175*09.89'w

email ya later!

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