Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is Steve in his work coveralls! he looks so cute!!Weird to see burgandy instead of blue. Steves boss has let us borrow a car while we are here. So will check out more sights around here.

We have been just hanging around the boat and town of Opua the last couple of days.... It seems each business is having open houses with lots of good food and drinks ( including beer and wine) for free!! this little town is the friendliest town ever! We had a potluck dinner at the club house last night and the local school came and did a Moari song/dance entertainment for us cruisers! My kids loved it, especially Emma - she really likes to watch the kids her age perform, reminded us of the school performances at False Creek.

these two carvings are inside the Treaty house on the the walls. absolutely beautiful inside there

Here are the culture show pictures that Sally of Dorothy Marie took. boy that show was great! They are big on showing their tongues! this is to scare their enemies . At the show , Steve was picked as our Chief ( for our Opua group) and had to be invited into the Treaty House. One of the tasks Steve had to do was to stand very still and keep eye contact with the guys as they demonstrated their skill . Then Steve had to pick up the item place in front of him by the warriors without loosing eye contact! Steve did very good and we were invited in. In the way past if you lost eye contact to the warrior you would be killed! Glad to say , Steve would not have been killed, he never lost eye contact!! Well done Steve.

These are the jellyfish that are all over here. have to be careful not to suck one up while running the engine or generator! One cruiser even sucked one up his intake for the head!!! not a pretty sight!

This is the Maori alphabet. thought you'd get a kick out of it. not a lot of letters , eh?!


Anonymous said...


anne from calgary

Country Girl @ heart said...

Coveralls look 'pink' on the blog...real men can wear pink, way to go Steve!
So great to hear your voice and chat awhile last night, Dionne...you didn't seem so far away after all.
Keep up the great work with your blog and yes, find a way to print all this into a book for your keepsake - what a treasure.
Cheers with much love & hugs
for all of Orca III,
Heather & Family





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'Lil' putt putt
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