Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Day on the North Shore

Notice the title , cause that is the suburd of Auckland where the marina is ,Auckland is huge!

The Tremblay family photo at the National Reserve Park - we are on level ground and yes , Emma is the only one shorter than me!! Maya is just , just ever so slightly taller than her mother
New Years day was a blast!!! The kids have met more boat kids - twins ( boy and girl) Daniel and Anderson (15) and their brother Josh ( 16). they have been cruising for over 3yrs , came from England and have now moved on land here by our marina. Nice kids!! They really enjoyed being in the crowsnest. They all went over to their house for a swim in the ocean ! will hang out again once they are back new years day afternoon.

After the swim we went and checked out the navy bunkers at the Natonal Reserve Park just in Devonport. very cool!! and a fantastic view. we spent a couple of hours there going through all the tunnels and checking out the canon areas. This is actually an old volcanoe! very neat.

View from the National Reserve Park of Devonport with the Skytower way in the background

Kyle and Daniel up in crows nest!
Emma has really been enjoying taking pictures with my old camera! She has decided to make a calander! watch out she will want you all to buy one!
the group of kids including the new ones. Josh ( green shirt) Anderson ( white shirt) Daniel not shown cause he's still in the crows nest! They loved our boat and where suprised how big the cock pit is. they have a catamaran - but are getting used to a house
Emma with Josh in the crows nest. its was a very hot day, they left right after this picture to swim!
Hey you all , thought you'd enjoy the santa!! Me and him have somethng in common! Gee wonder who has done that before? could this be another trivia question?!


Karen said...

Yes I'm going with, it is another trivia question. Did I win?


Tassos said...

Hi Steve and Family
I was at the Garage and talkedto Ron and Jef They say get your funnnnnnny and come back home as they need you
Hope you are doing well
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'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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