Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Touring City of Auckland

At athe entrance to the skytower ............. Kyle's getting tall but not as tall as the skytower! haha
looking out the window - in the background is a volcanoe, called Rangitoto - its the youngest and largest. It eruptedout of the sea 600 years ago.
We went into the city do drop off Steve's info for a work visa - and we toured around. Auckland is very much like Vancouver - except the Sky Tower is way taller than the Harbour Center. We went up as high as we could go and had a great look around the city. can see so far! there are glass floors to look way down and the elevator also has a glass floor. Emma was on her hands and knees looking down! They also have people doing jumps from the tower.. kinda like parachuting without the parachute - they are on wires and lines. quite the thing to watch. You can also do the sky walk , which is being harnessed on and walking around the outside, not for us thanks! but Natalie on O'Vive is thinking about it.

They have a very good movie in the gift shop about Auckland from the beginning to now. Very well done and informative!

Here's a little info on the Skytower and Auckland.......
Auckland is the only city in the world built on an active field of volcanoes.
Sky Tower is taller than the Effel Tower and is the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere. makes you just wannna run out and go up , eh Mom!!
It took 33 months to build it!

that brings us to TRIVIA # 3 - Just how tall is the Skytower! in meters please............still working on those prizes

We were so very tired at the end of our city day............... been there done that, on with the next.
We have been doing the christmas thing - even got a real tree and decorated it . you'll have to wait to see the picture. working on getting the anchor winch fixed and just waiting for our heat exchanger part. We are planning on doing some more touring - hoping to get to the Kauri Museum before Christmas. One of Steve's friends in in town ( Mel for those who know him) and will meet up in the next few days. have talked on the phone already. He's in Te Aroha and so we will drive out there and see him.

Here we are in front of a mall, we found a games shop for Kyle with all his D&D, warm hammer and magic cards ect. only thing is the D&D is the new version which is not compatible with his current books - so will have to wait until we are back in the US and Canada! bummer for him
By the way Kyle is 5'7" almost 5'8" - he's getting so tall, and Maya is taller than me! only Emma is shorter , but not for long!!!

Way to go mom, yes you are right and first ( only also I think , guess I stumped everyone else! good for me) Wellington is the Capital and your 3 birds are right... there are more of course , but I'll let you all look them up yourself. I was even impressed that my mom didn't include the wecka that I had mentioned she got 3 different ones.


Mike and Lynne Gritten said...
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Annette MacKay said...

328 m overall
220 m Skydeck
194 m Seafood Buffet
190 m Revolving Restaurant
186 m Main Observation deck
182 m Sky Lounge Cafe

Happy touring
Annette in Lodi.CA
Where it is freakishly cold. There was ice on my outdoor dining table this morning!

Anonymous said...

Great to read you are still enjoying NZ! One of my favorite places on earth and the people are fantastic and friendly too.
Thought of you all while I was sailing on the bigger ship in the Caribbean, especially when seeing the yachts and smaller sailboats every where. Have a Very Merry Christmas, and great 2009.





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
Christmas at Snug Cove