Saturday, February 7, 2009

Continuing on the south island land tour!

Lake Matheson 6km NW of Fox Glacier

this lake is famous for its mirror-like reflections of Mount Cook ( Aoraki in Moari)- unfortunately there was a little wind , so ripples made it not so reflective and cloudy so we couldn't get a view of Mount Cook. I did by a postcard for me to keep of it though. and we saw Mount Cook along the highway after Fox Glacier, I just thought I'd get a picture later. dumb me!! oh well.On another swing bridge to lake matheson! Bridge number 2just cause I like vegetation. look at all the fungi!

Headed to Haas - what a beautiful coastline! we were right on the edge of the Tasman sea! lots of stops on the way to collect beautiful stones... and take gorgeous pictures. We hiked through the swamp ( they had a lovely wood path). and loved the view of the Tasman Sea again! The kids did great in the car!
Knights Point , West Coast South Island
Do you think it gets windy here on the West Coast? look at those trees! This is across the road from the beach below!
Came across this rock sculpture ! done by the backpackers (I think) waiting for a ride while hitchhiking! Emma even joined in and built one
Steve and the girls collecting opal white stones from the beach. (Bruce Bay) it was loaded ! That's the Tasman Sea rolling in!
Ships Creek swap! oh so pretty,
more of Ships Creek Swamp, this was a very lovely walk! lots of green for me and lots of birds singing. There were lots of kahikatea trees - these are the tallest native trees in New Zealand.

We made it to Haas expecting to find a good place to shop for food.. but......... this town is so small!! it has nothing and on the map it looks to be a decent size place! so we kept on going.
Steve found us a nice looking place to camp for the night - this great long green lawn ! ( turns out is was a runway!!) lucky for us - no planes that night - however , there were so many sand flies! oh my god, we were getting eaten alive. we had to do the sandfly dance just to get into the caravan and then we starred out the window in amazement of how many sandflies where on the windows just waiting to get us!!! we left early and fast the next morning!! The first day of no sun and some rain, didn't mind a bit. could smell all the trees!Next stop was at the Blue Pools, nice little walk through the forest and over another swing bridge! they have heaps of them around here! this makes number 3aren't they blue! and full of trout too. the blue comes from the icy cold glacier water and the refection of the sky. it was cloudy and rainy that day and they still were blue!I even went in! very cold!!!! glacier fed!! Very refreshing on the sandfly bites!
Lake Hawea on the way to Wanaka, - there are 3 big lakes in this area from Haas to Queenstown, Hawea, Wanaka and Wakatipu

We drove to Wanaka to check out the puzzle world. Mom and Auntie Sandy ,you would love this place!! Hey , Nathaniel have you been there? I know this is the town Nathaniel ( my cousin for all of you who don't know him) wants to live in New Zealand. very pretty town! nice lake.Puzzle world and yes they are standing straight! lots of illusions on the eyesa
don't you love the bathrooms! they were so cool. this is one fabulous mural!all the toilets were neat hear, all you gamblers will appreciate this one! I do have a collection of them all. wait til I get home for the slide show- ha ha Oh Emma is so strong! look at her hold up the building!

Kyle has a very strong back also!
Go Maya go!!and then they all did it. that's Steve at the bottom pushing it over and the kids are trying to hold it up.
Look closely , what do you see?
Me and my children!
Lake Wanake- lots of sailing that day!
Dinner in the caravan at Lake Wanaka- then we left for Queenstown.............

Next we were off to Queenstown- first we came down the Crown Range- by accident mind you, it is very steep and full of switch backs ( we did not leave that way later!!!) beautiful view of the area!the crown range.............. sorry no switchback photos cause I was a little scared! so close to the edge and a long way down...
and the peak!!

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Your land lubber friend said...

The skull has a woman looking at her reflection in the eye as a mirror...
Fabulous photos Dionne...what a journey you're taking us on!
Looks like you'll be hosting a slide show party when you get back? Looking forward to it!
Cheers and a big hug for you all.
Love Heather





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