Monday, February 16, 2009

From Coromandel to Great Barrier Island

We left Coromandel and headed to Great Barrier Island. When we left it was just noon and we had a 7 hr trip. But unfortunately the wind picked up right on our nose, the waves also there and then it started to pour, after about 4hrs and boat speed dropped to 1.9 knts ( and we hadn't gotten that far mile wise) we decided to turn around and head back. That was not a comfortable sail so we sailed across the Hauraki Gulf to Waiheke Island - this gave us a great sail doing 7 knots, so what took us 4 hrs to do only took us 1.5 hrs.
So we anchored for the night and got up the next morning early and left! we had a great day on the water, never would have guessed how stormy and rainy it was the day before. on the way we had a pod of dolphins( either Hectors or Dusky on sure which) jumping and flipping and playing in our bow wake - the kids sat on the bow watching them. It has been a long time since we saw any dolphins!! what a treat! they were even singing to us!We arrived and what a beautiful Island! Great Barrier Island

We went in to Fitzroy Harbour - there a few bays in here! anchored in Kaiarara Bay and went to shore. Here is great hike to Mt Hobson ( 7 hr return) we just walked a bit on the trail as it was 4pm and a little late to do the mountain hike . we decided to leave it for the next day. Here's the dingy on the shore just before our walk up and up and up the trail! I broke my sandal so the hike was cut short!Steve took this ! that's our boat through the trees . Isn't it beautiful! the water, the trees (love my trees!)We met this couple , they were anchored out by us boat name Ichiban! yep Steve and the kids loved it right away ( besides being their favorite noodles) the boat was a beauty and she came from Vancouver! this couple bought it from the people who sailed her here a couple of years ago.The dingy they are caring is made from the Kauri tree here. just gorgeous and I was proud of my kids to ask if they could help carry it to the water.

The next day is was so windy we opted not to do the big hike, we left this bay and went to Point Fitzroy bay. Ran into one of our cruiser boats - Ocealys! nice to see them. We went to shore , checked out the store (mailed postcards!) and did a little walk through the forest. I really wanted to get to Smokehouse Bay so we didn't stay long - and the weather was turning! So off we went do the other end ( took us less then 15 minutes) and we anchored in Smokehouse Bay! cool place this is. A fellow built this for the cruisers - and it is a smokehouse , bathhouse and laundry area! even can scrub the bottom of the boat here as they built pilings that you could tie to at high tide and then when the tide is out clean clean clean! quickly before the tide comes back - we may do this before we leave NZ , not sure yet. anyway., the kids found 3 rope swings and had a blast.
I found the laundry basins complete with running water coming to them and WRINGERS! Check it out! too cool, wish French Polynesia had those!and then the highlight The bath house!! We built a fire in the stove and it heats up the water in the tank and Viola! hot deep bathes for all of us! we enjoyed this. ( just a quick note , Steve had a hard time lighting the fire in the stove ,used up all of our matches so he went back to the boat to get some more, in the mean time I found some in the bathhouse and I started the fire - it seems Steve has forgotten how to start one with just matches as he uses his torch all the time - hahahahah - I feel good- da na na na na and I know that I should now- oops getting a little cocky I am!! tee hee hee. but truthfully , he was proud of me!)The wind picked up so much! that we did a quick bath visit and headed out to anchor back where we started in Kaiarara Bay. much better anchorage for the angle of the wind. We also decided to leave the next day to Whangerei as it was supposed to get worse 2 days later and we wanted to see O'Vive one last time before the left for good to the states. but we do plan on coming back, with Graeme!Orca III anchored out in SmokeHouse Bay! before the wind really picked up
Maya taking her turn to chop the wood for the fire. she liked this job!
Kyle of course loved to do this! He and I fought to light the fire. It was my turn !
Just had to include this as I have a thing for the toilets here in NZ. this was neat though! a composting toilet, just my thing!

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Steve's looking just too damned tanned in that bathtub!

Looking forward to your return to the Marina.

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