Saturday, March 14, 2009

Social, Social, Social!!!

Oh my are we doing that here!!! Socializing to the max!! the girls at Revas! Nancy, Marilyn, Robin, Marg and Me - Dionne

We had a great time at the cruisers night at Reva's. lots of fellow boaters there. Candine's last one as they left on the Thursday. Hope to see them in Hawaii!

the Candine bunch - Austin,Chris, Chrissy, Tim

We went for a road trip to Opua to see The Dorothy Marie and Steve's boss from Sea Power.
Jay from Malachi - doing the fun job!!
On the way we did the boat yard tours! Stopped in Dockland 5 to see Malachi doing their bottom - also ran into Oddity ( met them in Minerva, they came for the Marlin feast) after we left and went to Norstand Boat yard to see Tin Soldier - Glen (Tin Soldier) doing the big job!!
they are a steel sailboat like us and are doing almost the same work we did a few years ago. ( they sandblasted the bottom and their deck! have the mast off and are re rigging it, and have been battleing the weather) do you all remember us doing that?!! Well I am feeding them tonight - oh we can so relate to all they are going through! We saw a few other boaters on the hard there as well. Still not sure what we are doing. we only need to clean our bottom. We may have scared ourselves away from the boatyards!!
Steve checking on the work, remembering a time with our boat!!
Anyway ,off we went to Opua, sure was neat to be there again!
Glen our dingy ride to The Dorothy Marie
Sally and Kyle on the ride back to their boat
Buddies to the end!! Me and Sally
We had great time with Glen and Sally - we sure miss them! They are our family here!! We are planning on going to Great Barrier Island with them as our last cruise until they come to BC. They are continuing on to Fiji. It will be very strange not to be on a passage with them.
After our visit ( way to short must see them again!!! We went to do a little shopping and poor Emma wiped out and scratched up her face! Not a fun thing.

We headed over to Bruce and Kris's ( Steve's boss from SeaPower in Opua) place for a BBQ dinner. What a beautiful view they have!! It was an excellent time, great food, fabulous people and a must see again before we leave.

Kris and Bruce from SeaPower Opua

and Skippy our favorite dog! He is just lovely, belongs to Kris and Bruce

this is what I look like when I am doing the blog , ( when all is going well, today I have had nothing but troubles - for some reason cut and paste are not working and I have had to drag everything into place, what a pain!! Hopefully , you will be able to click on the pictures and make them full screen - not sure, I have not made them smaller) sorry no picture of how I look now, it would scare you!!!!!

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