Friday, April 24, 2009

another sea update from orca

April 23,2009
I take back this being an alright passage! we have had a very tough night- wind behind us , seas behind us all day ,not bad during the day, a little rocky and rolly but around 5:30 pm winds picked up to a steady 35 knots and gusted to 44- things flying, can't really sleep - and looks like we bent our pole!
we only have the staysail out right now, just to keep us moving as the waves behind us are big. have taken a few up the gunnel right to the cockpit and soaked the cockpit! that was on my and maya's watch around 345am.. everything soaked.
this is not fun!!
have been talking to malachi as well , we are all ready to be at the australs.

oh yeah, happy birthday to steve. hopefully it calms down some for his special day,

that it for now

April 24,2009

well without jinxing myself again, I will say that we had a better day and night, the seas and wind have subsided - thank god! we are still rollling a bit, but nothing like before . the sunrise this morning was beautiful! Steve and Graeme will go on deck later to pull down the bent pole so we can set our genoa again. we are currently motor sailing under staysail alone. engine is running to charge batteries. seems we keep getting a air block in the generator. Steve will bleed it later - Steve had a great birthday - except his mp3 player took a slide off the cockpit table right into the gunnel has it filled with a very big wave. got saltwater in it!! all his music that he loves may be gone. he has taken it apart and dried it all out and will try to fix it. but, we think it's not so good. time will tell. otherwise, it will be Hawaii before he can find another one. Bummer for him!

aside from that , Malachi bunch made up a song to the tune of puff the magic dragon, titled "Steve the mechanic sailor , sailed the big blue seas , playing his harmonica aboard the orca 3" it was very good and will get a copy from them! sure is good to have them in vfh range. and to see them on the horizon! keeps our spirits high.

Graeme is loving my homemade yogurt. this is good. I have been making a batch for the last 3 days in a row. its going fast! the kids love it too, but they are used to having it.
winlink is working again!! I am getting gribs , yeah! this has been an experience to say the least , up and down that system has been,

well, the sun is shining and we are getting closer! just under 1000 miles to go!

all on board are doing great! I found my St Christopher Medalian from Denis and Helen ( thanks guys!) and it is back in its hanging spot. this is good. we missed having him there, right next to the rosary we got from the family in Mag Bay Mexico. this will bring us home safely !

hugs to all,

the crew of Orca III

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