Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Graeme arrives with Neall and Andrea!! Auckland Airport- April 7, 2009 6:15 am!!

He arrives!! of course he was the last one out , customs search the poor boys luggage! Even took the two bags away with the barbie doll ( shh don't tell Emma its her b'day present) and x-rayed them seperately.................. all was fine! Emma jumped the fence and attacked him first! She was so excited!!
The happy Orca III group !! Thrilled to have Graeme!
The McLeod Clan!! glad to have them here! jsut off the airplane , they beat Graeme off!
Old buddies!!! wonderful to see the McLeod clan!!! Neall and Steve - big hugs!!
Me and my buddie Andrea!! so glad to have had a visit with them! A very nice treat
Tremblay Troup and McLeod Claln- Family photo in New Zealand!! Who'd a thought it?!!!


Your land lubber friend said...

THANK GOD my boy arrived safely and you posted a pic so quickly - I've been checking and waiting...it's a Mom thing! Now it feels weird to see him so far away but I am very excited for Graeme to join the crew of Orca III. Have a wonderful adventure on this next leg of your journey, don't drive each other too crazy and yes Dionne (surrogate Mom) just smother Graeme with tons of hugs - you can't run from the hugs this time son!
I have my lighthouse on, waiting upon the return of all of you!!!
Love you all and sending lots of prayers your way, as always.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that Graeme is there to travel the next leg of your journey!! We're soooo thrilled that you're all heading back HOME!! Everything is wonderful here....I've got 2 days off (first real vacation days since I started here a year ago). Easter dinner at Marjorie and Calvin's on the 10th......Marge and I are doing the turkey, dressing and gravy...the rest of the meal is being supplied by our huge family. Wishing you were all here with us...but NEXT year FOR SURE!!!
Loving and missing you all soooo much!!
Auntie Sandy





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'Lil' putt putt
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