Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jamming and Hauling

notice Steve way up front making sure we get in okay - they had a hard time lining up the wheels, we are so heavy they had to keep adjusting them. We are the max weight for the lift!!
Glen and Steve had a great night jamming!! they sound so good together. We may have one more time with them ( and Graeme playing drums) We had such a blast , and Sally and me laughed a lot that night . Seems I had both a man and women coming on to me!! No joke! they were in their mid twenties I guess, the girl kept cuddling up to me and putting her arm around me, and the guy kept rubbing my knee ......... oh so funny , Steve was watching this while playing and having a laugh!! oh well, what can I say.. I'm just hot stuff!! We laughed so hard....
and we got home so late! 2:30am - haven't been up that late since my last watch at sea!

The next day , yesterday, we lifted the boat to get the barnacles off and check the bottom. It was a lift and splash - out for only an hour. She looks good - although a little bare spots - we will fix that once home. Steve was happy with what he saw. We took of 2 zincs- seems we over zinced by just a bit. But now we have a clean bottom for the trip to Tahiti. We will have to swim on her there and in Hawaii , but that's okay!

I also made more beads the other day - turn out not bad considering I thought they would look ugly, I was using up my glass , rushing and uninspired - which was dumb of me to do beads that day, but like I said they turned out good! just imagine if I was in the right frame of mind - they could have been amazing!! lesson learned.
Me and the cruiser girls around here did a girls night out last night for Thai food and social. great time , but I was tired from the night before.

Laundry today, shopping again too! organizing boat and oiling the teak toe rail - lots to get done and only a few more days.........................

checking the prop - giving a lesson on how to tell if it is left or right turn - Can you tell which way our prop turns?
I always hate this part, but she lifted well! no problems. We didn't have a picture with us of how she looks for the haul out guy - had to go to the disk of photos when we were out 62 days - remember that!!!!!!??? well , that was our longest and this be out shortest - 1hr and no fighting between Steve and I - amazing , we have come along way!!!!
Blow baby blow!!! ( all night long..................)
the jamming duo - they do sound good together!! I have Steve playing and once I figure out how to get it off the camera and on here I will put it under the last video on the side of blog.

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Anonymous said...

hi guys...
good to follow your blog, we are much lazier on ours,
we just got out of the boat yard in la paz ourselves. about a week in, new paint and zincs. shopping, upgrades and repairs and we will be on our ways in a few days. maybe we our paths will cross in hawaii?
wishing you fairwinds
wishing star crew





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'Lil' putt putt
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