Tuesday, May 5, 2009

land ho !

hello all,

yes we have made land, sorry I took me a while to let you all know. there is no internet here.......

we anchored on Sat night around 7:30 pm - what a nice feeling !! candine and malachi and us all arrived at the same time!cool , eh?!

on Sunday we did a shore trip to find Genderame, he was busy doing his garden so told us to come back on Monday. so we checked out where the stores where, found the bank, listened to church singing, very beautiful, nice to be on land. everyone getting their land legs! its so beautiful here, lots of green, flowers and horses! have met quite a few locals, all so friendly and lots of them speak some english! we did a ton of laundry - yep by hand and feet. really put Graeme to work!! still have a ton, but will most likely wait until Tahiti. ( I am gonna ask my new polynesian friend if there is someplace I can use a washing machine- she gave us a ride back to the boat and is bringing us bananas at 3 pm) no luck on the pomplemouse yet!! kids went for a swim yesterday and there is a nice motu across from us we want to check out. Steve is trying to repair the main sail, ( we also need to do the cutter and the genoa although they are not nearly as bad as the main!) we have ot
her things to fix but most likely will wait until Tahiti as they are not as urgent and looks like we are leaving here on Wed, there is another storm coming around here on Sat. 45 knot winds and we don't want to be here for that!

have toured most of the stores here and got some supplies. will wait til Tahiti for most of the rest of supplies. crossing our fingers we don't need to have a bond in Tahiti again. the Gendarme here was saying we will, we are only going in and out basically , website said under 30 days they usually waive it. so send us positive energy around that!!!!!!!

this will be the only email until we head to sea again........

take care

orca III resting and mending

have to send this way later the propagation no good until late.

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