Wednesday, May 20, 2009

last dinner in Tahiti - Roulette style

what a treat to not have to cook! and its so hot ,especially in Papeete City..... we are leaving today to first do a quick stop in Rangaroa then off to Hilo Hawaii. until then its ham radio time.....
here we all are eating at the roulette trucks! good food!

these trucks all park here and have all kinds of food. this is the crepe one!

waiting for dinner

the Crandell's of Malachi


Your land lubber friend said...

On your way to Hawaii? Yahoo! Rachel & I still hope to see you there...and trust the timing will work in our favour! Thank you again for the constant updates on your blog and keeping in touch by email & phone as much as you have -it's made this time go by much faster and helped all of us remain connected with you on many levels.
You still look incrediby happy, healthy and now a little more 'worldly.'
Safe travels and smooth sailing - ALOHA :)

Andrew said...

Off to Hilo? We were just there two weeks ago. That would have been cool if were there at the same time. Can't wait to see you guys again.


Wind Dancer said...

Happy Birthday to you both - yeah Hawaii we are all about to head to Fiji next week! So glad you made it so far from here. It is cold but sunny. Keep in touch we all miss all of you. Love The Burns

Phil Wakefield said...

Dear Trembley's, We have followed your travels with great enthousiasm and I guess I just figured out how to write back to you. We wish you safe travels and think of you daily (more than we write). All is well here with the family. You all are setting the standard for grabbing life by the ass and going for it. What is your itinerary next? Cheers, Phil, Diana, Barrett, and Brendan.





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'Lil' putt putt
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