Monday, June 8, 2009

almost there

Well we are only 16 hours away from being tied to the dock in Hilo!! still no land in site - just over 100 miles to go , am amazed that we can't see it as the volcanoes are almost 14,000 ft high! yesterday was our best day for miles travelled in 24 hrs - we did 180!!!! new record! the last 4 days we have made awesome time!! but we are tired of leaning and waves splashing. I have bruises everywhere from falling off waves! this has been a long passage. our guess is because we have spent so much time at sea from leaving NZ - 22 days to Tubuai, stopped there for 4 days, then 3.5 days to Tahiti, ( between Moorea and Tahiti we were there 2 weeks) then 2 days to Tikihu Tuamotus - stayed 1 day 2 nights before we left for Hawaii - 18 days , so around 44 days at sea alone, so glad we are stopping in Hawaii for just over 3 weeks! we need the rest!!!!!!

tomorrow morning we will be in Hilo - will post pictures to the blog asap. laundry is first!


SV Hannah said...

Way to go guys! Two eggs and spam, gravy all over awaits you in Hilo.
Steve and Tracy

Anonymous said...

Waiting for all those great pictures!

Hope you arrived safe and sound and are NOT doing laundry!!

Mom (in-law) & GMa

Dannylou Who said...

Hi you guys,

Got your postcard yesterday! Still very envious about your adventure...but taking a little comfort in knowing how much catching up you'll have to do on the golf course when you come back!!!
Love you all tonnes,
Danny Lou & Andrew
P.S. It's Wednesday...where are those pictures that were going to be up first thing!!!! :)





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'Lil' putt putt
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