Monday, July 27, 2009

2 days and counting

current position is 47* 30' N 131* 02' W COG 074T speed 6.6 knots

we have been sailing since dinner last night. have had 25 knots of wind ( now 18) and 4-6 ft seas. the autopilot decided to act up last night around 11 pm. so we were hand steering on and off til 4 am. Steve fiddle with it , but what a pain!! none of us got very good sleep, so today has been a real low key day with everyone getting lots of rest. Mine and Steve's bodies ache.... we are healed over 10-15 degrees, it's like climbing a mountain to go anywhere on the boat. We have been spoiled the last couple of weeks - forgot what it was like.

Sun is shining and everything else is good. Malachi is off our starboard beem 1.5 nm - spotted another sailboat this morning, first on the radar and then finally a visual, hailed them but no answer - we have long since left them behind. we think we are sailing about 2 knots faster then them.

we are at the home stretch now, looks like we will be arriving Wednesday evening before dark.

tootle loo...........


Nate said...

Can't wait to see you all! Wednesday huh? I shall come down to the docks when I am off work. Hope you keep up that terrific speed! {smile}

Andrew said...

You're heading to Vancouver Island
first right?

I'll come for a visit when you're
back in Vancouver : )

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Orca III!
I trust your fabulous memories will live with you forever! I know I'll always remember your fabulous trip of a lifetime!! that is a "forsure."

Let the party begin!!!

anne from calgary

Tracy Willett said...

We were sailing the SV RC Louise off Port Townsend on Wednesday and swear we heard Malachi on the VHF, but couldn't get in. Congratulations and best wishes to all. Have you got a cruising life guide for reentering Canada? Watch out, you may need one! Best, Tracy, Steve, and Nolan





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'Lil' putt putt
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