Thursday, July 2, 2009

day at the Polynesian Cultural Center

We had a fantastic time out in the Polynesian Cultural Center. Heather and Rachel came with us on the long ( 2hr - each way) bus ride!!! It was really neat for us to see the Polynesian countries we've been too and see the some we haven't been to. I tell ya one place I wish I had gone was Samoa! boy do they have great energy!! my kind of people.....
We enjoyed a great Hawaiian Luau dinner and had the big Horizons show in the evening. Where all the different villages did their specialty dances and song!! There were 6 villages in all - Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti ( representing all of French Polynesia) , Aotearoa ( aka NZ) , Hawaii, and Tonga!

When we were at the Tahitian village, the lady doing the teaching was from the Tuamotu's - so after the show we had a great talk with her. Although we had been to 4 different atolls we didn't see hers.- She was excited to talk to someone who had been to the atolls. very neat to reminisce with someone who has been there! the kids just talked her ear off!

I know you think this must be Kyle up the coconut tree, but it isn't ( at least not this time! - haha) this fellow is from the Samoan village and he is demonstrating how to climb one! It really is amazing to watch and he is really high up there - this is zoomed in!! He free climb this with just feet and hands - quite the show!

And we made it to Fiji - by way of the land - hahaha , I told Steve he took me the hard way to see the islands of Polynesia, I could' ve just flown here - tee hee, better the way we saw it, this is still cool
Yep - his turn for our next kid!! Think he will kill me for this one - hahahhaha

Kids, Kids - with " Dum, Dum - he wants Gum Gum" oh where did I get that from from?! hahaha
really - that's the Easter Island exhibit - just in case you didn't know.....

Here is our dinner! really - roasted pig under ground - This would be the Luau we went to - absolutely fabulous dinner! and Entertainment the whole time!! We all even got lai ' d -
Me and my beautiful daughters and our beautiful lai s - we love them!!!
Aren't they beautiful ! Rachel and Heather - mom and daughter - having a great time!
Father and son - don't they look cute with their lai's too!!
Here we have Steve doing the male Tahitian dance - he does it so well and he turned around to quick for my camera. We learned this in the Tahiti exhibit

We watched the Rainbows of Paradise canoe Pageant - they had each country doing a demonstration of there dance while floating down the calm waters on a canoe, very nice!! It was really neat to see how different each country does its dance and "Hakka"- very distinct for each place. The Samoans , well they are my favorite - they got so into their dancing they managed to rock the canoe and the fellow pushing the canoe with the big stick fell in!! way funny!
SAMOAthis is examples of what you would find in a Hawaiian men's work house.
and both Rachel and Heather got Tattoos!! taking after Graeme!! What is it about us from Orca III that makes people get a tattoo? hahah
Yep that would be Heather's !
its fun to be cousins!!
the girls with our Samoan friend , he was fun! and funny - quite the sense of humor that guy has!! should have seen him do the "Fire dance " in the Horizons show!! very good

We got home quite late ( around 11 pm 2 hrs past cruisers midnight!) tired , but worth every penny and time!! this is a must do when in Hawaii!!

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gum gum for the dum dum. Night at the Museum. Was that your next trivia question? Was I right?






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