Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai

We left Honlulu on Sunday, fueled up and headed off to Hanalei Bay - (in surch of Puff the magic dragon )
It was an overnighter, a taste for whats coming in order to get us back to BC - we did well.
the weather is good, only a couple of squalls but it was a rocky roly trip. Poor Emma , everytime she gets sick at least once. She is a trouper. but did say that she didn't think she could make it home and wanted to fly.......
What a pleasant surprise to see so much green! Hanalei Bay is beautiful - we went with Malachi by dingy up the river at high tide and the sites we saw!! just gorgeous. We ended the day with a potluck dinner on Orca III - we supplied the fish, yep a Mahi Mahi that we caught on the way here!!

Malachi getting bananas form the river. we got some guava too! We pulled in beside them and sent Kyle out , but it started to rain and yep , our hatches were open!
the two boats are rafted together going down the river! everyone a little tired from the passaged the night before!

One of the many birds we saw along the way,. Emma says this is a king fisher!!
up and up the river, we eventually stopped and turned around , cause it goes forever we think
kinda cool seeing coconut trees along the river!! Kyle wanted to climb them but we decided not to let him. not this time anyway!
Isn't it just beautiful. that is Malachi just in front of us. taking in the view!!
just more river scenes!

Here is the entrance to the river, only accessable at high tide and then you still need to watch for the shallow spots ! and there is lots
Ray with Kyle and Maya as Maya learns how to sail a boat - she is in irons here!!

Before that the kids had one last visit with our newest friends. They watched them sail their remote control sailboats! Right in the park behind the yacht club.These are the boats that were racing! Maya had fun trying to drive them! #7 is our friends boat

Emma and her friend Kiana - they had a good swim in the pool as a last play together

Well time to sign off for now as we are all going swimming with the turtles over by the beach!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I learned something new!!

I did not know that was where Haneli(?) was...the home of Puff the Magic Dragon!!! "To a land called Haneli...imagine...
Thanks for sharing, will talk to you later.
Loving you all always,
Mom (in-law) & GMa





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