Friday, July 31, 2009

off to Sydney Spit

we are heading off, leaving Victoria and heading up to Sydney Spit. Malachi is joining us -

here are a few pictures around Victoria:

Trivia: Who is this? and Who's loved this picture?
Steve meets the Law!!

Emma and her friends!

walking around Victoria with Nathaniel on our way to White Spot
guess it must get real cold here if they are putting sweaters on bikes?!
now that's a copper tan!


Annette said...

It's the Girl with the Pearl Earring as painted by Veremeer. Freddie was a big fan of that painting.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home to you and Malachi!
Enjoy and be blessed. Amazing you have not too drastic a change in temperatures to come home to.
The Struks

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I'm so glad you're back....we've miss you all terribly. Can't wait for you to see your new little cousin - he's so adorable. And of course beautiful little Brielle.
It's great that you all and Nathaniel got to spend time together. Just HAVE to hear why he ended up in the trunk of someones car...LOL.
Biggest hugs to everyone!!!
Auntie Sandy





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'Lil' putt putt
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