Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BCA Rendezvous Photo time

here you go! I promised you pictures , enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
Robert, and the kids having fun in the hammock, Kyle took this from the crows nest

Steve and Dionne - after a great weekend at the BCA rendezvous, we were tired - can you believe I got worn out of talking?!
Bryn and Kyle going for a ride
Our dear friends, Carol and Bryn on their boat, they also were in Montague Harbour

Steve and Bryn , playing again! harmonica and wash tub base!
Jam night on Orca III - after the BCA events. Fun Fun Fun - Bud, Robert and Rose
water fight time, the kids filled a pile of water balloons and then resorted to buckets1
dingy tug - o -war!! Row Kyle Row!!!
Kyle rowing with the kids to the races! they got there in time for the big water fight
Kyle fishing with all the kids. Ethan, Lily, Lucas and Aiden - fun ,fun fun
The gang from the marina - Tim, Heather, Pierre , Jennifer, Maria and Bud, what a welcome home ! Great to be at the BCA Rendezvous with them!!

Captain Highliner?! hahaha Robert from Tillicum, they joined us on the Rendezvous
The stick game! taught to us by Carol and Bryn, love the game - here we are playing with Malachi
Malachi and Orca III Sidney Spit
yep that's me ! in the water in BC - Sidney Spit
the boys having fun in Sidney Spit
the girls of Malachi and Orca III - Sidney Spit, Gulf Island BC


Anonymous said...

So...can sure tell the difference (I mean between fantastic BC water and the rest of world), eh?? I can almost touch you guys, you are so close. Can hardly wait til you're here!

Mom (in-law)& GMa

ovive said...

ac1234O' VIVE back home already since 4 months would like to make sure you tell us the year you go back, we would love to join you again for a second Pacific Crossing (maybe with Malachi as well!!!!, that would be so cool) , "rendez-vous in 5-7 years". We Love you and miss you so much. Enjoy your land fall at home.

Kim said...

So nice to see an update. I had not checked your blog in a while because I didn't think you were writing in it anymore.





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'Lil' putt putt
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