Monday, August 10, 2009

HOME!! in Spruce Harbour Marina

Well, we made it home! What a fantastic welcome for us, my mom and Joe on the boat launching ramp, my sisters, brother in law, niece and nephew and friends on the bridge with the fantastic banner! and on the dock, my dad, steve's mom and lots of neighbors and friends, what a treat~
and to complete our 2 yr journey , we sailed into English Bay with our cruising buddies on Malachi - the 2 boats side by side!

This will be our final post........... the offshore adventure of Orca III and us family of Tremblay's has come to an end , until the next time !

And yes , there will be a next time. We have already been talking about going to the Marqueses & Tonga again! and I really want to see Samoa -

Thank you to everyone who has been following our great adventure! And to all of you who helped get us there! We loved reading all the comments on the blog and all the emails !

Orca III and her Trembaly family of Steve, Dionne , Kyle , Maya, and Emma sailed approximately 18,000 nautical miles , over 10 countries, and many ,many islands in the last 2 years. It was an experience we will not forget.

Vancouver! and HOME - that's the Burrard Bridge in the background, with our marina in behind!our "BANNER" and that's my sisters and other family up there!!! The Tremblay's of Orca III - HOMEDionne with the Planatarium behind
a dock full of greaters, all waiting to help tie us up - This is our "home"
Orca III and Malachi arriving in English Bay together, completion of a great 2 yr trip
SV MALACHI~ coming home
Pirates Cove - the kids still love the treasure chest!! only they are too big to be put in it now!!
Mom and her children sitting on the logs at Pirates Cove - one of the last days of the tripFather and son time
Orca III anchored in the middle of Pirates Cove, it's amazing how all the other boats look so under geared!


tinsoldier50 said...

You made it back in one piece!!! Sounds like the welcoming committee was out in full force and you got your banner, Dionne! We'll be interested in hearing about your perceptions of home front life after 2 years away so keep in touch. Jaryd's b-day is coming up on the 18th - remember where we were last year?
Cheers, the crew of Tin Soldier

roach said...

It's selfish of me, I know, but I'm a bit sad that you're back. You've been a 'favourite' in my browser for so long, morning reading and daydream fodder. You've inspired me, introduced me to other cruisers (Malachi, Tin Soldier) and shown me such beautiful parts of the world. Glad you're safe and wish you well on all the adventures that await you. Hope to follow in your wake. Fair winds.

Jenny said...

Hi Dionne and Family!
Wow what a journey! Thank you for sharing your life and adventures on this blog. I could have spent all day looking at these photos.

I respect you and your family so much for choosing to do something off the beaten path and immersing yourselves in other cultures and ways of life.


Anonymous said...

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'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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