Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting Mexican Visa's !

We went to the Mexican Consulat to get our visas for mexico!!! they are for 6 months and we also got our fishing licenses for all of us and the boat too! $387.00 - ouch but we have no choice as we have fishing gear on the boat so it is manditory and everyone on the boat must has to have a license if the boat has one. better than the altenative - seize the boat if you are caught without one!!
We toured the maritime museum today - saw 2 big tall ships, one that was in the film "Master and Commander" and the Star of India" which had a grade 5 group on a field trip so there was an actor ( and sailor), Captain Al who was the " captain" he even quizzed our kids, it was fun.He was also in the master and commander movie Unfortunately I forgot my camera!! however one of the teachers took some pictures of us and will email them to me. we also toured ................. THE RUSSIAN SUB! yes you read that right the original Russian Sub ( that a few of us had shares in a long time ago) the Foxtrot that was at the Westminster Quay - but they are calling it the B-39 instead U521.Because Steve told the girl in the museum all about it she let us in for free!! so that's how we toured all the ships.Funny, eh? Hope to get some photo's tomorrow
We also got free passes to see the aircraft carrier "Midway" so hopefully tomorrow we will see that. Have met a few more cruisers who are just starting out and going the same way we are.


Ahoy, your land lubber friend... said...

The old Russian submarine? That brings back memories - wait till my boys hear that one!
Maya, where's my share of the cheesecake? I LOVE the New York version with fresh strawberry sauce (skip the whipping cream); you and I will have to share some when you get back (your Mom can share with Rachel)- one serving with 2 forks is the best!
Hey Kyle my big nephew, how's it going with all those women on board? You and Dad stickin' together? You guys are gonna be pro fishermen after this trip!
Hello Emma, how are you? Found the Xmas ornament (with your photo) that you gave Jeff - it's going on our tree for sure! I think Jeff is really missing you...actually we're all missing ALL of you!
Hope you continue with smooth sailing, gentle seas and bright stars to guide you.
Seasons Greetings from the 'T' Group(that covers all of us, not bad eh?!)

Auntie Sandy said...

Good morning, crew!!
What?!?! No trivia question? I got into work an hour early just so I could get the right answer. Oh well, I'm here everyday before the crack of dawn anyway so there is still hope for me....lol.
I must say you are all looking healthy and happy. What a life!!
Have a wondrous day!
Love always,
Auntie Sandy





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'Lil' putt putt
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