Monday, December 10, 2007

dophins everywhere when we left

Good morning !! we have arrived in San Diego. 6:45 am tied to the police dock waiting to check in. We sailed almost the whole way, at 3am we had to start our engine.
We had a whole lot of dolphins all around us when we left Redondo Beach!!! Everywhere in front, behind, beside and in our bow wake. Even had a couple do a small jump! Missed it with the camera though.
Had a great 22 hr run. no one got sick and just the kids felt a little queasy for a short time.
the answer to trivia question #12 is ( and Mark (Clark? is that you?) got it) it's an egg sack from the horned shark - cool,eh? Auntie Sandy for being so close we will send your "egg sack prize" to Auntie Ila's :)*tee hee*
Annette, Lincoln and Grant I had bets you guys would be first with the answer. What happened?


Anonymous said...

What a send off by the dolphins!

Hey, why do you have to check in? I thought once you entered the U.S. you didn't need to check in again until you checked out!

Have fun in San Diego - you're almost in Mexico now.


Sandra said...

Yeah...............Happy San Diego.
Happy that you sailed most of the way. Seeing you sitting on the bow, Steve, brought tears to my eyes. So many wonderful memories of my three sitting on the bowsprit waiting for the water to hit your toes.


In San Diego you need to get a anchoring permit to anchor anywhere (doesn't cost anything and they inspect your boat)- and you get that at the Police dock they also give morage at $10.50/night for the first 5 days and then $21 for the next 5 days.

Annette said...

Sorry to disappoint. I am way too deep in homework to spend more time than it took to wonder what the hell it was and move on. Classes this weekend.

Glad you made it to San Diego. I bet you are beginning to feel like you are 'away.' Crossing into Mexico will be another step, but I bet the final one will be leaving the Americas come spring.

Gotta go, I've a paper to finish.

Auntie Sandy said...

Ohhhh so cool!!!
LOVE San Diego!! It's many moons since I've been there but hold some very fond memories.
Once've taken me on an amazingly adventurous journey through time. Your photos and the dolphins remind me of the MOST awesome sailing trip I experienced through the Gulf believe it was with you folks. I can go to sleep with visions of ocean waves and orcas sailing along beside my bed.
Thank you....loving you oooohhh so much!!!
Biggest hugs,
Auntie Sandy

Anonymous said...

hi ppl looking for your ship at the polie dock at1401 shelter island dive i think you are atthe nd of the dock looks like your boat hope you are haveing fun i m trying to follow you love and miss you dad





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