Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just another day in Paradise!!

We went and checked out the beach today!! wow what huge waves coming in..........all the surfers were out today!! The weather guys had warned of high surge ( that's one reason we didn't leave today) Who needs huge waves? Not if I can avoid it!! The kids had a blast playing on the beach, (Emma built a sandcastle),collecting shells, chasing waves, watching the surfers, and watching all the birds - their were a lot of sandpipers and these little things - there feet went to fast you could hardly see the feet!! so cute too!! Tried to get a photo but it didn't turn out. You can't really see them.
It was so nice to be on the beach!!
Wandered around the Pier, watching guys fish and looking at some shops. Even stopped at an arcade and played Air hockey ( i beat Steve and Kyle beat me) The lady working the prize area was so sweet and gave all the kids lots of extra goodies!!
We saw a seagull stuck in a crab trap too! Dumb bird, someone will let him out.

Thanks to all of you for telling Kyle how great To Kill a Mockingbird is......... I still had to pull rank and told him as part of his school curriculum he has to read it. I just know he'll like it!!!
I am looking for the movie Dr Zhivago cause I still haven't seen that one. All's fair in Books and Movies - :) haha
Did our costco run last night - Thanks Barb for getting my card activated so quickly!! one thing I have learned is that meat here is way cheaper (and better looking) at Costco then any of the other food stores. Time to start catching fish!! we will be getting a fishing license in Mexico!! we've plotted our course and it looks to be a day and half to San Diego. We don't plan on staying there long 2-3 days max. And then another 24 hrs or so( depending on wind,waves ect.) to Ensenada.
Time to get into Mexico.
Question #11 - What caused the corner of the Portofino Hotel (Kings Harbor) to collapse and send cars into the marina and destroyed some docks?


Auntie Sandy said...

Good Day!!!
Well, that's a toughie...and wouldn't you know it as I'm surfing the net trying to find the answer....the office manager walks
Well, I guess Dana is going to get another one unless I can research it when I get home.
The weather looks FABULOUS. Sure wish I was there with you folks....ahhhh but I can dream. An imagination is a wonderful can go ANYWHERE in your thoughts.
Big hugs and ohhhh sooooo much LOVE from,
Auntie Sandy

Dana said...

See....I know the answer...Auntie Sandy I will email it to you!!! lol....Just kidding...gotta find it yourself...fair game for everyone!

Looks like you all are having a fabulous time!! Wish I was there!
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Question #11
Major Storm caused the collapse.
Who cares if you know the answer have to actually type it in!!!
Love you, Off to the hospital now, Merrick's gone and done in his arm. (greenstick fracture, remeber that, Dionne? it appears its his turn)
Nothing serious...don't worry.
That's what slushy snowball fights will get you??!!
Tonnes of sloppy kisses & squeezes,
Danny Lou & crew

Auntie Sandy said...

Good onya, Danny Lou!!! How did you find that??
Well, I hate to say it....but I gave up!!! I surfed the net but couldn't come up with anything to do with the Portofino Hotel incident. I guess it's not very good advertising but you would think it would come up SOMEWHERE. I was thinking you made it up, Dionne. What year did that take place?
It is going to be a another clear sunny day here today, but I had to spend 15 minutes scraping my windows before I could head off to work. Guess you don't have that problem where you
Always thinking of you!!!
Love always....HUGE hugs,
Auntie Sandy

Anonymous said...

Just had to share something with you...I just received it by email. Thoughts on Grandmothers:

Grandmothers are just "Antique Little Girls" and the best of all...

The reason we are called grandmothers is that it is "grand" to be the mother of a mother! How true!

Don't be enjoying that weather too much, some of us here want to make sure you're coming back to our neck of the woods!

Loving and missing you all always,
Mom (in-law), GMa (aka the Gambler)

Judy said...

I know, I know, I know!!!!! It was the Northridge earthquake! I guessed it...then confirmed it with a Google search using "Kings Harbor" & "Northridge earthquake"!

Judy Contois said...

Here's a quote, regarding the liquifaction that caused the collapse: "While violent shaking causes most of the damage in large earthquakes, liquefaction and landslides can take their toll, too. During the Northridge earthquake, liquefaction was a major cause of damage in the Kings Harbor area of Redondo Beach."






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