Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last night on the dock.....and they are calling for rain.. what's that?

we are going to go and anchor out tomorrow.we will be close to downtown and will wait there until our solar panels come in. They are supposed to be in on Thursday - got my stove and its already installed. sure burns hotter!! I have already baked butter tarts and sugar cookies - the kids will decorate them tonight. Our fellow cruisers who are from Oceanside have never had butter tarts before. I am dropping some off for them to try!!! I am on a mission to find either frozen or fresh cranberries. Trader Joes and Von's ( aka safeway) here don't have any as there is a shortage. so I had to resort to buying canned cranberry sauce. However, I am still looking -
Steve has the water maker all hooked up but when he was starting it water leaked from behind the back. so tomorrow he will investigate what happened............hope it is something small.
There are 4 canadian boats here on the dock right now and 2 of them are from Vancouver and Coquitlam.............. cool, eh?! "the canadians are come'n!!.....)

answer #14 - drum roll please............. Annette is right - the pilot house window curtains ( she did 90%of them... I believe I took all the kids to the park - and she is so much better at making them than me!) as for the material on mine and Steve's stocking - mom was right about the long underwear.............. just joking it's on our foam cover for our master bedroom ( didn't know we had one of those *wink tee hee*)
Once again thank you all for playing Tremblay Trivia aboard the Orca III ........
question #15
How many Californian ports has Orca III been in ? name them...............


Dana said...

Okay...I gave everyone a chance here goes... Orca 3 has been in Cresent City, Sausalito, Oakland, Sausalito, Santa Barbra, Redondo Beach(King Harbour)and San Diego. So in total makes 7 however you were in Sausalito twice sooo..actually 6 but 7 if you count going back...hows that! lol Of course I have no idea if they are all ports...but that is my answer...told you I have nothing else to do but live vicariously through you!! *wink*
Love you so much!
-Auntie/Sister Dana xoxoxo

karen said...

Dionne that's a trick question. You didn't specify if this is for this trip only or for the life of the vessel. I bet you're going to pull into another port before you open your mail rendering this question invalid. Or in other words. I wouldn't know, haven't the time to check but I hope you had terrific adventures at every single one of them.



Not a trick question - We are not going to any other port as MEXICO is next!! yeah
Sorry mom, I did put this up last night and Dana is just so quick!!

Sandra said...

Hi there family
I get that you may be in transit on Christmas Day. What a wonder-filled adventure. Loving you all

Dana said...

Waiting patiently for yet another update!! hee hee *wink*





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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