Monday, December 17, 2007

Just hanging around

We've been doing boat projects, socializing, and a bit of Christmas. Me and the kids have made us some stockings as I didn't bring anything Christmas from home. Not bad,eh . I think they look excellent. Kyle and Maya even sewed their own. I had them trace the pattern, pin and cut it to. Emma helped with the pinning and cutting and she has been busy making clothes for her stuffies. Today I will help her sew them.
We rented a car and did some running around. The two cruising women and me shopped till we dropped and had a blast!! Felt like Christmas! This boat is soooooo loaded with food!! Our buddies are leaving today for Mexico and we catch up to them. Our stove is supposed to be here sometime today and then it's just the solar panels................ Hope they come today as well. cross your fingers!!
Last night we watched the boat parade here. It's quite the competion. They decorate with lights and parade down the harbour past the judges boat............ Abosolutely fanstastic. my digital camera doesn't do it justice, but I also used the 35mm with the telephoto lens and those will be good. (These are our buddies)We all watched together and had a popcorn feast ( yes my special popcorn with the nutmeg and sugar- was loved by all)
?Trivia # 14 ( i think)
Where else on our boat has the fabric in Maya and Emma's stocking ( and the top part of Kyle's) been used?
bonus question - how about the fabric on Steve and Dionne's stocking? - now this one's a nasty one! have fun!


Your Land Lubber Friend said...

Isn't that the same fabric as your master bedroom curtain? And perhaps a few throw pillows are covered with the same stuff?
Stockings look great - boy you sure have alot of time on your hands to be creative! Can I have some of that 'spare time' please?!
Cheers with a big hug for the holidays...

Annette said...

Nope, it's the spare fabric from the wheelhouse curtains. ;-) Unfair advantage, I know. I helped Dionne sew those curtains up ;-)

The other fabric? Must be a spare pillow case or something.

Dana said...

I KNOW its the same fabric as on my pillow you made and also the one for Dani-Lou!! (but thats not on your boat!) As for th one on yours and Steve's I certainly hope you made it out of some old pajamas you had kicking around as it is not a fabric one should have anywhere else!! *wink* lol

Love you and miss you,
Dana xoxox

Anonymous said...

Well...of course the fabric from yours and Steve's stocking is from his long underwear!! It must be a shade drafty for him!! And the other is definitely from your curtains (drapes?) on the boat. (PS, you're still asking those questions in the morning when SOME OF US are actually WORKING.

Mom (in-law) & GMa

Dana said...

I must tell you I am bit concerned as to how our mother knows what Steve's long underwear look like??!!! Things that make you hmmmm!! *wink*

Marg & Jay said...

Hey guys looking forward to hooking up with you.When do you plan to leave San Diego.If you are still there maybe you can pick up something from west marine or downwind marine?Let us know.Hope all is well





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