Saturday, December 15, 2007

Midway tour

Steve trying to get his fix!!

Well that was pretty good Dad and Joe. There are 10 bays,the torpedoes are 22 ft long and their speed was 49knts. This is question brought you by Kyle tremblay.
We went and toured the aircraft carrier " Midway" - wow, is it ever huge !!! An excellent tour! You must see it when you come to San Diego- they had all kinds of planes on the flight deck and down in the hanger deck. They even had the cockpits of other planes for us to go into!! Very well done!! we were there over 4 hrs and could spend some more time to see everything and hear everything. There were actual men who were pilots on the Midway doing talks on landing and catapulling! They were great! Kyle really loved all the planes, fighter jets, and helecopters - there were all kinds - all carrier aircraft that operated from 1945-1992 . The "midway" was decommissioned in 1992. Maya, and Emma even thought it was good. Of Course Steve and Kyle were in their element.
We rented a car for today to provision up with food and Christmas. me and a fellow female cruiser are going first thing this morning to get food and then Steve and kids and I will get whatever else. Everything is so far away from the transient dock.


karen said...

Hey guys. FYI Cory knew the awnser to the pirate question right away. Says the covered that on Myth Busters. Who knew?


PS. Glad to see you're having fun

Anonymous said...

That was the funniest email card ever!!!The Tremblays do tend to do things in a BIG way!!! And you all looked so much like yoursELVES. We all got a chuckle and of course want to do one oursELVES!!!

Take care, missing and loving you all always! (Nice to talk to you, Maya xoxoxox - for Kyle and Emma too xoxoxoxo)

Mom (in-law)& GMa

dad said...

that was cool snow ball fight lol how did you find snow there

John A., eh? said...

It was delightful having you join the xmas potluck last night via cell phone - it's not the same without you all!

Hope you get a chance to visit that amazing zoo while you're in San Diego - Cheryl and I could have spent 2 days there.

Funny too to hear about that old Russian sub - we had seen it and wondered if it was the same one.

We heading up to the Charlottes between xmas and New Years, and will show Jordie the blog while there - have fun you guys!

Cabezonians said...

Hope you get to the San Diego Zoo.

If you can swing it, a couple of sit-on top kayaks might be a good purchase while in San Diego. We bought ours at Southwest Kayaks in Mission Bay. They are lots of fun and good for surfing.
It was great to hear your voices at the Spruce Christmas party. Got to visit with your Grandma S.





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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