Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Morning sun on Orca III at the dock

First off- I don't remember doing that Dana,are you sure it was me?:) I don't do crazy stuff like that......... I mean just cuz I got a whale signed once ........ hahahaha and anyway it sure makes for cleaning your room a whole lot more fun!!! that's me....lets have FUN!
So jacklines are the ropes running down the deck that we can clip on so we don't have to keep unclipping an clipping back on to do from the cock pit to the bow. It's a safety thing at sea. And works great.
Today we will meet Bob Bitchen from Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine. He is in the process of building a boat and who knows maybe he'll like our dodger/windshield .. Will keep you posted.
Yesterday Steve did some checking for solar panels, looks like Downwind Marine in San Diego has some. and my stove......... Well no parts available - obsolete - and Steve tried to fix it again to no avail so................. we are getting a new one. Have put a bid on one on ebay ($250) hopefully we will get it for that price. cross your fingers (bid ends in 2 days) Still searching out batteries - looks like Costco has the best price but.... my costco card has expired - so I will have to get that updated I think. Does anyone know if there is a Costco in Mexico?
Yesterday was hot so the kids and I went for a swim in the Hotel Resort pool and boy did they have fun!! the pool was 90*F not bad ,eh? (how's that rain/snow/) Cheaky aren't I!! Emma's swimming is getting better and better and the other two , well they are just fish!! I did laundry and have been getting caught up on my scrapbooking and beading. The kids did some fishing and caught ........ an old fishing lure. they were so excited!! They started to fish with the magnets we brought, trying to find treasure... they are pirates you know!!
Well the sun is up and looking great, we are planning to leave tomorrow am to San Diego. Doesn't the burgandy stripe look good on the hull - finally all one colour!!


Anonymous said...

you coul try popeye theygot parts lol love dad

unknown24 said...

30 of them in fact!



Dana said...

Of course you remember doing that Dionne (like it only happened once!)....I know you remember doing ALL of those things!! lol....still made me smile...I can totally relive that...you are a nut! So all you bloggers....I have to tell you I have been on a bit of a lucky streak...with the trivia and now at work I have won 2 out of 3 50/50 draws at work then I won the trip at the company party soooo...between all of you and my work mates I am feeling a little shunned!! I am no longer participating in anything (except for the 6/49...I figure if I win that one then none of you will shun me!! *wink*) Just thought I would razz y'all a bit...seems the luck didn't end here...hope you all feel better now!! lol

Tremblays I am missing you more and more as Christmas nears.
Travel safe!
Love you all soo much,
Auntie/Sister Dana xoxoxox

Auntie Sandy said...

Good morning you beautiful people!
It's going to be a gorgeous day here in Beautiful British Columbia!
We are all waiting for the next installment of the Adventures of the Tremblay Crew. You make my day.
Love always,
Auntie Sandy





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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