Monday, December 3, 2007

Hollywood & Universal Studios City Walk

Trivia #10 answer is the ........ COOLER! no one got that one hahaha.
Just joking! Annette you are so fast- that blog was barely up. Like the stripe,eh?! Sandra is also right as that teak box is fairly new - did that back in Port Angelos oh so long ago. But the other thing you cant' hardly see is the jack line running along the cabin side (tricky)
Had a full day touring LA and Hollywood, did the Chinese theatre were all the stars have left their mark!! Couldn't find our name anywhere!! What's with Hollywood - Don't they now we are famous?!
Real cool. wandered around Hollywood Blv. I didn't see anyone famous but would I recognize them if I did? Cruised down Sunset strip into Beverly Hills just to use a bathroom. Thought about knocking on someones door - but Neil didn't stop the van. haha Even went down Rodeo Drive - you should see the street lights - they are Chandeliers!! That's when you know it's richy land. Drove the scenic route to Studio City it's pretty green around there.
went to Universal Studios and did the City Walk. ( didn't go in the studio- to high for our budget) We had a blast. checked out the hard rock cafe!! Neato- then I entered a contest. They were offering a $50 gift card for the AMC theatres so of course I had to enter. A race to getting dressed in the "JUNO" wardrobe Guess what?!! I am so fast at putting clothes on that I won!! YEAH for me- I think my kids were a little embarrassed ( at least the oldest one- :)lol ( see I'm learning the Internet lingo)
Nest if was off back home - scenic once again through Malibu and where there was a big big fire. Watched the sunset from the beach - even saw a green flash as the sun went down ! Gorgeous! That's a lot to see in one day.


Auntie Sandy said...

Wow....who really needs to go to those places now that we've received such a detailed and informative description of everything!! REALLY loving this blogspot....I feel SOOOO
Big hugs,
Auntie Sandy

Dana said...

Dionne you crack me up!! Don't worry kids...we (Dani-Lou and I) used to get embarrassed by her too!! That picture totally brought me back to when we were kids and we had to clean our rooms...your Mom (Dionne) used to have her pajamas on and then she would put articles of clothing on over top that she would find laying around. Scarves, hats, gloves...everything!! Thanks for the giggle Dionne!! lol lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dionne, perfect time to win the AMC movie gift certificate! I've heard that Enchanted is quite good.

You're doing a great job with the blog - love all the photos too.

Kyle, To Kill a Mockingbird is a fantastic book - once you read it you'll wonder why you waited so long. The movie was also very good, but not as good as the book. So make sure you read the book before you ever see the movie! It's a "keeper" book - one you can read more than once. I still have my copy from when I was a girl (not so long ago, don't you know? ha!ha!) Pierre says that its been rated as one of the top novels of all time. He couldn't put it down when he read it. It's easy to read too. Your Mom knows its a special book and she is so right. You'll love it.


unknown24 said...

What's a jackline?


Anonymous said...

My dear reiterate what has already been said...To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic!! However, I must say that your mother wanted me to give her a rundown on the "gist of the story" for her book report at school!! Ask her about that...being the pushy mother that I was, I made her start the book and as you can now see, the rest is history!! You will love that book, I promise. (You and I seem to have the same taste in what is a GOOD BOOK, as I have noticed - also, I am near certain that Albert Einstein would have read it as well!

GMa (the reader)

Anonymous said...

PS Just to let you know that when your mother was made, they broke the mold!! There is no one like her and you will sooo appreciate that one day (as I do always!!)






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