Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dad you were first!!

This is some Mexican Mayan art we bought in Cabos, the black and white one is of the Mayan Calendar - great isn't it. and I just love my colour blue that's why we bought this one.
Here is a picture of my beaded bag I am currently making......
Well done dad, but what about the whale? Where was the picture taken. So we are just by the topic ofCancer and in the Sea of Cortez , although my dad gave the actually names of the bay, check in the comment section of last posting.
we are up early to scrub the boat and put some more bar rust 235 on. then epoxy filler and I hope that's the end of the two spots that keep coming back!! There is a cruiser club house at the top of the marina, book exchange and such. Still waiting for a package that downwind marine's supposed to forward - yes Annette the cables, aren't here yet, welcome to mail and parcels in Mexico...hopefully they will arrive soon.
There is a cruisers morning gathering every morning here at the club house, social hour- right close to the laundry room, good for me.... feels like home here given all the boats we know. Was a little chilly this morning, have to wear long pants right now, oh ya, you guys have snow...... cheaky, cheaky,
Trivia time again......
A) what does La Paz mean in Spanish?
B) What year did the first Spaniards visit La Paz?
B) When was the first permanent settlement established in La Paz?

have fun learning... look forward to your answers - and remember now is your chance to beat Dana as she is not back from Las Vegas until tomorrow.


Anonymous said... goes:
1. Our Lady of Peace
2. May 3, 1567 (Hernan Cortez)
3. 1596

At least I was first to answer, that is because I am waiting for the snow to stop before heading off to work!!

Mom(in-law) & GMa

dad said...

hi ppl the fish was a orca saw another pic of on down there and wendy was irt cause she was up first lol

dad said...

you should tell where the marine is or some compeny names close by then i can google you

Jocelyn said...

HIIIIII FAMILLYYYYYYY....guess who?!?!?!??! its meeeeeeeeee!!!!!! love you to bits miss you mor than ever. xoxoxo





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