Friday, February 1, 2008

still at the Marina de La Paz dock

We went to this resautrant for dinner, thanks Heather L. for letting us know about it... we had heard from a whole lot of other cruisers as well. YOu get 1 kilo of great beef and all the fixings for burrito...for only $17 for all of us..... not bad at all.

we are busy doing boat projects and Steve has managed once again to get some work....our friends on Malachi are having generator problems and Steve has been hired to fix. this is good for our cruising kitty..... yeah, we have been so lucky ! I had my laundry done for me all six loads,(cost the same as if I did it myself and they folded it oh so nice!!) smells great too!! what a treat!
Went to the market the other day... at a look at how bid the califlower was for $2.. it was huge!! there is a big fiesta tonight... crowning of the king/queen of the carnavel - we will be going to that!! should be fun


dad said...

hi thanks for the names i can google it up and see where yous are

Danny Lou Who said...

Hi Family,

Well you look like you're fairing very well!!! I'm at work, Andrew is helping Jocelyn move her stuff into storage. She'll stay with us when she's not working and has somewhere close to work when she is.
Temporary arrngement so she can save up a little money. I feel wedding stress!!! (and you didn't make that any better, Dionne!)wink,wink. Actually, Lynn said she would stand in, so I won't have an empty hole in your spot...but you better get here!!
We went looking for dresses the other day, waiting for Dana to return from Vegas though. Merrick is going to an open casting call. I reserved him a space...they were only taking the first 200 kids. He'll do that tomorrow. Should be fun, something different... Anyways, nothing else new for now. Love you guys tonnes and tonnes. XOXO





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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