Saturday, January 5, 2008

Shopping day in San Carlos

Hola, everone! the kids and I came in to town by panga with our friends to get groceries and check out the town.Steve stayed back on the boat but will come on wed its market day!! quite the ride on that panga! the girls wre very scared,but all was okay.
well Am sitting in an internet cafe which is quite fun trying to get the keyboard to work right. they have different ways to get the @ sign. Anyway, the boat is in Mag Bay we arrived here 2days ago. It is a very poor fishing village. not a lot here, (except garbage) but the people are excellent. we had a blast playing on the beach with the local children. Kyle, Maya,Emma have managed to make friends despite the lack of Spanish we speak. We brought lots of canadian souveniors and toys and puzzles to the kids. it was a hit! we are still with our buddies Tillicum and Free Style, will be here for a week or so. Steve is helping to fix an engine, and then we will head for Cabos San Lucas and seee our friend Paul from The Garage. Hey Paul looking forward to the drinks!! ths is a quick one as i have to shre the computer with my buds, there are only 3 here. enjoy the photos.
love Dionne


Anonymous said...

What awesome photos...well worth waiting for! With that look on Steve's face catching number 2 fish...can't imagine what he looked like at number 12!!! I guess you all are getting fairly good at speaking Spanish...the only way to do it is being immersed in it. How wonderful for you all. Take care, loving and missing you, but thrilled to share in your adventures!
Mom (in-law) & GMa

Auntie Sandy said...

Wow...finally!!! I was beginning to worry. Nathaniel was supposed to fly to LA this afternoon and then on to New Zealand but the plane was late so he would miss his connecting flight so is booked for tomorrow at noon. Nice to have him here for the extra time, although it was brief for me because I'm early to bed for my last day at work before I head out with the Samson family to Disneyland. Nathaniel is having a delicious roast, yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings, dinner at Marge's....luck duck.
Can't wait to hit Disneyland....we're all so excited. It's going to be soooo much fun. Would have been nice to see your beautiful faces but you folks are way ahead of us.
My computer at work is not working for the internet so haven't been able to do my early morning, daily checks to see how you all are doing. Will no doubt find an internet cafe somewhere on our travels so will send a message during our trip.
Love and big hugs to you all,
Auntie Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hola Tremblays!

Pierre and I are back from seeing family in Ontario & Quebec. Lots and lots of snow there and minus 20C for a few days in Quebec....brrrrr. Your photos of the warm and dry Baha coast sure look enticing!

It's a miserable rainy day here in Vancouver. Pierre and I were going to go cross country skiing at the newly opened Olympic venue at the Callaghan Valley, south of Whistler, but have decided to wait for a nicer day. The olympic village area in False Creek is finally now being constructed. I counted 12 cranes yesterday. It sure will change that part of town.

Did anyone tell you that the Esso fuel station under the Burrard St. bridge is due to close? Guess we will be lugging our fuel to the boat or going all the way to Coal Harbour. What a pain. There is some talk about Esso selling it to someone else to operate, but I guess it needs certain costly environmental upgrades??

We love reading about your adventures. Love the photos. Your are doing a great job on the blog Dionne. Great fishing too! Good to hear Steve is putting his expertise to good use (& some cruising kitty $$) helping a fellow cruiser.

Adios for now, take care,

Jennifer & Pierre

Dana said...

Hi Tremblays!!

So good to see new photos. Dionne, if you due head to Puerto Vallarta be sure to contact Jake...would be good for Steve also as I think they would get along famously...they both have the same personalities. We went to the Wedding Fair with Danielle and Andrew yesterday...was a long day but enjoyable. Just getting ready for work so have to run but so glad you made it to the internet to catch the blog...are you entertained by your wacky family? Well will write more and miss you all so much!

-Dana xoxox





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