Thursday, February 28, 2008

La Cruz!

we are anchored in La Cruz - 20*44.7'N 105*22.5'W for those of you spying !! (tee hee) Steve has figured out where in the boom the reefing lines chafed ! that is good
have met up with our friends from Tillicum and Dorthy Marie. Also met another boat with 2girls so Maya and Emma have made some more friends. It's a little bouncy out here, and gets windy in the afternoon. That gets the wind generator going to help the batteries and the solar panels work great. We had a heron on our dingy this morning and you should have seen the fish!! wow. tons all around the boat. We went into town and did the weekly market, not much compared to the other markets we've been to. Also went to Philo
s bar - did the last puddle jumpers meeting which was a slide show of the Marquesas. Looks like we will leave a little later than first thought so somewhere between 15-24. will keep you all posted.
The weather today will be a little cooler as its cloudy . all say, Maya would love her friends to comment on the blog as she misses them. Emma also wants to hear from her friends. she sends hugs!!I was given some sour dough "starter" and am making bread!! It's 1847 Oregon Trail sourdough starter...... and I read the book " a walk in the wood" by Bill Bryson ( about the Appalachian Mountain trail) so I'm going back to my ancestory roots- coool , eh mom!!!!!! ( for those who don't know I'm an Appalachia Mountain Woman and proud of it!)


Anonymous said...

You're getting awfully good with that camera! Love the photo of the sunset through the rigging, it is beautiful.

Heather is right, you kids (meaning Kyle, Maya and Emma) look older every time I see another picture! Keep having fun and good times...

Mom(in-law)& GMa

dad said...

hi just me i think you are at a place called las cargadas by the long and lat. of jut across fron the city got to like your pi. grama got the post card ttyl love you all





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'Lil' putt putt
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