Saturday, June 21, 2008

hello again

We are still at the atoll Tauo in the Tuamotus- looks like no wind for 3-4 days so we will hang out here , great people and us adults had a great meal in the "restaurant" on shore . we left the kids to eat and be merry on Malachi. Steve ,Jay and Dave have gone to shore to help Gaston build some fish traps. GAston is the local man who took Steve and Jay lobstering.
We have had all the kids from the 3 boats here the last 2 days swinging in the bolsuns chair, doing spins and such. Kyle, Maya and Emma make is look so easy, however the other kids are gettting more confident and doing spins now!!! Orca III in once again the jungle gym.... remember all you kids.. swinging in the bolsuns chair?! oh what fun!!!! They have all been swimming lots now to. it is great snorkeling here, as the sharks here are scared of humans cause Gaston kills them so they stay away from
his fish and people swimming. There are only 4 families living here, all related ( mom , dad , daughter, sister and 1/2 brother with spouses. all the kids have grown and now come to see the family, ) they are all so friendly!!
we went to shore yesterday to explore and all the adults and kids had a great game of volleyball - loads of fun!! each family was split up between the two teams so made for some good competitive fun!!

Now we wait for wind as by boat leans to the port with all 7 kids ( from 16-8yrs)hand out and swing in the bolsuns chair. maybe this is why I don't get seasick, am so used to the rocking and leaning from all the years of swinging?!! just a thought..................

love and hugs


Anonymous said...

Just amazing dear friend... It so awesome to see and read your comments... Thinking and praying for you guys often..
Love ya...
Remember to swim with some dolphins for me.

Auntie Sandy said...

Fabulous photo's. Could you grab a pearl or two for me?? It's a beautiful sunny day here in Vancouver (dare we say it??? Summer has arrived!!!) I'm sure the temperatures are not as high as where you are but it'll be a perfect 20 degrees today. Just wanted to send a quick note before I run off to work. Loving and missing you all.....
Auntie Sandy

Anonymous said...

hi folks

wishingstar and crew working in boat yard, hope to make mexico this fall...

fair winds and flat seas
best wishes
ron yvonne and leaf

Ryan said...

YoYoYo......Helloooo..Looks like you guys are having a blast,enjoy the adventure and take care...miss you all.........RyanB

Heather Lochner said...

wow! what a great trip.

Life is good here. Lucas still asks for Emma and Aidan is a mini-Lucas.

We miss you
the lochners





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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