Saturday, June 21, 2008

now at Taou

we arrived at the northend of Fakarava 2 days ago, cool town, paved roads and everything. Not that great of a food store but they have a bakery , which means fresh baquettes!! ( cheaper here only 70 franks, Kauehi it was 110 franks) so we ( the boaters)_ bought a bunch. After tea on Orca III there was a mad dash back to the post office to fight over the only computer, fortuneatly for me Malachi and O'Vive brought their lap tops so I got the computer. Hope you enjoyed the photos. I just slammed them
on as it took forever to get to the website. ( by the way I had only 1.5 hrs to use the computer as the post office opens at 1pm and closes for the day at 2:30pm. ) I had originally labeled all the pictures but that posting somehow disappeared!! so I just slammed them on. most of them are from the atoll Kauehi, when we had lunch with the local man and his family. we actually helped to catch the fish and take them out of the net and then clean them, the fish are very small! Then Steve was in charge
of watching the barbeque along with going with the other men to climb the coconut tree to get a bunch of coconuts ( green ones for drinking the milk) we women got to grate the brown ones for the sauce. it was a great day!!
the picture of us sinking? like that one , eh?! got more of those, that was taken by O"vive as we sailed to Fakarava. love that picture , we even have a short movie of us .......
Well enough of that, at the northend of Fakarava we also had the kids go to "school" with the kids of the atoll. It was English class and all of the 3 boats kids helped teach English to the local kids. It was fantastic. we left the next day and that afternoon all the local kids missed ours! They wanted more time wilth them to learn English
We have arrived at the atoll Tauo, here there is a family that required help bring food to them as their boat is being fixed in Papeete. so both Malachi and Orca III brought them some grocieries . they are the most friendliest people we've met and the wife has got a sense of humour!! love her. Steve and Jay( malachi) we out this morning at 2:30am to go with the husband to catch lobster. The boys lost the local man as he moves way to quick !! so no lobster from them but the man came back hours later
with a bunch and I mean a bunch, this will be served at dinner tonight. They are repaying us for the groceries by a meal.. they have a restaurant. however it is very expensive. so the kids get to eat on the boat. We will be doing a bunch of snorkeling today also. We will be here a couple of days and then head to Papeete.
Looking forward to shopping as we need food, but not looking forward to the cost as it is so expensive there - we keep hearing about that from the cruisers ahead of us!! ah well say la vie!! ( is that spelt right? !)

off to snorkel! cause I have hand washed yet another bunch of laundry and have it out to dry. I tell ya, I really think I am getting arthritis in my hands from all the hand ringing,
until next time.............
Love ya and mucho hugs all around

Dionne, Steve, Kyle, Maya and Emma


Anonymous said...

YUMMMMM lobster!!
any seafood actually. and grated coconut. yum.. I love hearing about your great adventures.
Anne from YYC

604homesguy said...

Are all your pics anywhere else other than on the blog. Are they on Picasa? Are you able to reply to comments? Matt (and Nathaniel, Hannah Jeremy and Rebecca).





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'Lil' putt putt
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