Tuesday, June 17, 2008

just a couple of pictures

these are from my friend Natalie's camera...... so there are some of me!! the one with me and the bread, this what we have been pigging out on. its so cheap ( however here in the Tuamotus it cost double - 100 franks as apposed to 47 franks in the Marquesas.

we have been snorkling alot, will send some photos next time. also it has rained all yesterday and all this morning, could have swore we were back in Vancouver except we are all wearing our bathingsuits cause its so warm out with the rain, we caught alot for our water tanks and i did laundry with the buckets yesterday. The kids have been on Orca III ( 6 of them not including Emma- she is with her friend Emma on Imagine playing dolls and quite happy!) playing monopoly - have quite the big game going,quite
serious!! having a great time, me and the women are hanging out beading, yacking and venting. the men have been hanging out on another boat ( Malachi, playing bacgamon and working in the VHF radio getting the distresss thing working , doing the man thing) has been good for all of us!! We have quite the tight group here with Malachi, O'vive and Orca III . It will be sad when we eventually part. but we plan on being together all the way to Tahiti, then we will see what happens as Ovive has family
coming to stay on their boat for 5 weeks, wonder how Kyle and Emilie will be? anyway,

love ya
cant send both taking to long


Auntie Sandy said...

Hello my sweet family!!
Was just about to go to bed after feeling quite sad and now I know I can go to sleep with visions of all of you having such a wonderful time. You are all truly amazing and I have to say it ONE more time....you kids have GOT to stop growing!!! You're all looking so much taller and older (not you, Dionne...you'll never be taller or older...lol...and Steve...you're tall enough and still looking as fit as a fiddle..for your age...lol.
Missing you all and so glad that you're all safe and having an EXCELLENT adventure.
Love always,
Auntie Sandy

dad said...

nice pictures miss you all wish i could be there love youall

Anonymous said...

Hellooo down yonder! Love to read and see all the pictures and diary of what is happening!@!! I look forward to each and every blog!
Wish I were with you all and NOT at work!! Just chatted to my friends in Australia last night, it's so neat to be able to keep in touch isn't it.
take good care. did I tell you, Ilove the pictures! You all look so happy bla bla bla. hehe. Anne from Calgary





'Lil' putt putt

'Lil' putt putt
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